Melodies of Folk 2018 bring together, acclaimed  folk musicians at Vihara Maha Devi park

Vihara Maha Devi Open Air Theatre will reverberate to the music performed by some of Sri Lanka’s outstanding folk musicians when the Sri Lanka Norway Music Cooperation presents Melodies of Folk 2018 on Sunday January 28 starting at 6.30 pm.


 “Melodies of Folk 2018” is the culmination of a nine year effort under Norway – Sri Lanka Music Cooperation to foster uniquely Sri Lankan music – the folk music of Sri Lanka rooted from in the Jaffna Music Festival and Galle Music Festival.

These twin music festivals were established during a time when some folk musicians had a performance space within their communities only, and others barely had sufficient instruments and costumes to perform.  The  Jaffna and Galle Music Festivals were conceived as a vehicle to enable  folk musicians  to revitalise their music traditions and perform on a shared stage with international artistes; resulting in many receiving acclaim for their work.   Melodies of Folk 2018 follows this trend, and its line-up of folk musicians reflects the diversity across ethnic groups and folk music traditions and contemporary musical innovations.

Going hand in hand at the same venue is “Music is for All” starting at 9.30 am, which is a festival for children and families that creates spaces for children to interact with folk musicians.

The Sri Lanka Norway Music Cooperation (SLNMC) is funded by the Royal Norwegian Embassy and implemented by Kulturtanken, Norway and Sevalanka Foundation partnered by the Folk Music Conservation Centre of the Department of Cultural Affairs.  

Entrance is free.

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