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COMPLAST Exhibition to be held at BMICH for 5th time!

The regional launching of the 5th Episode of COMPLAST 2018, collaboratively presented by Sri Lanka Plastic and Rubber Institute and Smart Expos & Fairs India Pvt. Ltd, recently took place in Galle.

The Galle District Secretary Mr. Somarathne Vidhanapathirana presided over the event. More than 50 chief executive officers working in the plastic manufacturing industry had participated in the event. The COMEXPO 2018 exhibition also takes place parallel to COMPLAST 2018.

COMPLAST 2018, an exhibition carried out with a broad vision, is scheduled to be held at Bandaranayaka Memorial International Conference Hall, from 10th – 12th of August.

COMPLAST Sri Lanka is an international trading exhibition for plastics scheduled to be held in Colombo. COMEXPO 2018 is a key platform for exhibiting manufacturing needs and sales requirements, as well as usage of resources and other necessities. These two exhibitions will be a great combination to develop a platform for exchange of knowledge, for representatives from many countries, including India, China and Taiwan.

Their technology and machinery will be introduced to Sri Lanka at these events. People in the plastic industry in Sri Lanka will get a deep understanding about the state-of-the-art machinery. Exhibitors from nearly 15 countries around the world will exhibit their products in over 150 stalls.

The significance of the 5th episode of the COMPLAST 2018 plastic exhibition is that it will consist of 12 live demonstrative programs of machinery usage. The number of exhibitors in the exhibition has a possibility to further grow if the stalls with industrialists representing Sri Lanka are added into the list. This exhibition will be held in many countries, including Sri Lanka, India, China, Taiwan, The United States and Germany.

The exhibition will display raw materials most commonly used in the plastic industry, such as polymer and resins, blends, alloys, intermediaries and composites and also chemicals, masterbatches, additives, colorants, filters and reinforcements, precision machinery, moulds and dies. Many equipment, such as converting equipment-printing, decorating, slitting and rewinding, laminating, bag and pouch making, testing equipment, software solutions, recycling plants and training institutions can also be viewed in these exhibitions.

At COMEXPO, aka Complete Manufacturing Exhibition, machinery, logistics and electricity are focused, whereas these other factors are of importance to industrial continuity. All companies involved in the plastic industry, such as companies facilitated by the Board of Investment Sri Lanka, and Small-and-Medium-Scale enterprises, will contribute the maximum participation to these exhibitions.

Mr. Kaushal Rajapaksha, Vice President of Sri Lanka Plastic and Rubber Institute, pointed out that exhibitions are vital for any field of development. He pointed out that exhibiting a vast number of new technologies and machinery in these exhibitions, the raw materials inclusive, is a factor that causes a massive expansion of the industry. He further noticed that the industrialists will be educated on how new technology will be available for them for an affordable price. These exhibitions shall create new entrepreneurs, thus will be creating new career opportunities, he added. He stated that the annual consumption of plastic in Sri Lanka stands at about 250000 metric tons, annually the rate climbs between 18% and 20%, and that there are over a thousand factories that produce goods for the domestic and international markets to meet their demand and a heavy portion out of it is consumed by small-scale sectors.

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