Jafferjee Brothers makes waves with the latest Solar Half Cell Technology

Jafferjee Brothers makes waves with the latest Solar Half Cell Technology

24 December 2018 08:08 am

Sri Lanka’s one of the leading business conglomerates, the Jafferjee Brothers is set to make use of the latest solar half cell technology for its factory operations contributing to the country’s renewable energy growth, company officials said.

Jafferjee Brothers, the family owned business conglomerate that deals with an expanding international client base has its’ manufacturing facilities deep-rooted in Sri Lanka.

Having embarked on 2 major projects with JLanka Technologies, the company has now mostly turned to solar power for their industrial energy requirements.

Of the 2 projects that were carried out, one is to generate 594kW of power. A total of 1828 Trina Solar Panels of 325W power each alongside 19 Inverters of 27.6kW and 914 Optimizers of 700W were utilized to bring this project together.

While this project is basked in its’ own glory, the second project is far more exquisite in terms of technology.

“ The company has decided to initiate the use of the half cell technology, recently introduced by Trina Solar, for bold initiations is what paves way to the top,” commented SLSEA accredited Eng. SarathJayathilake, General Manager of Renewable Energy Projects of Jafferjee Brothers.

For the first time ever in Sri Lanka the Half Cell technology introduced by Trina Solar was equipped in this project.

The half cell technology is the generally used solar cell cut into 2 halves and connected in series. It’s a technology that has cut down on the electrical resistance of the ribbon while increasing its’ efficiency by 2%.


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