The future is green and electric for Volvo

By Kalendra Withana, 

Swedish car manufacturer, Volvo, is expected to produce only electric or hybrid vehicles from 2019. This therefore sees the end of the company’s relationship with fossil fuels and the using of the internal combustion engine.

2019 will see the introduction of Volvo vehicles having a purely electric motor; with cars either being solely electric or being hybrids that have a combination of both electric and conventional engines.

The company intends to unveil five fully electric cars between 2019 and 2021, as well as anticipating to sell a million of the cars by 2025.

Out of the 1 billion cars in the world, there are only 2 million electrically powered ones as of right now, indicating that Volvo’s decision will indeed be beneficial.

Volvo’s Chief Executive, Hakan Samuelsson, makes the statement: “Things have moved faster. Customer demand is increasing. Battery costs have come down. There is also movement now on the charging infrastructure.”

He further added: "The infrastructure for charging is a limitation but I think we have this twin engine which is much more suitable”
A known competitor to the Swedish firm is Renault-Nissan, who have produced 100% electric cars so far, with a grand total of 350,000 being sold.

Renault-Nissan's environmentally-driven electric cars

There is no doubt that the introduction of these electric cars into the market will have a great environmental impact, especially due to the fact that emission regulations are currently getting tighter.

Greenpeace UK clean air campaigner, Paul Morozzo, made the statement that Volvo had "recognised the huge gains to be made by leading the way in electric".

It has been reported that capital cities including Paris, Madrid and Athens are going to ban diesel cars from 2025 in order to cut down on levels of air pollution. This will therefore only reinforce the market for electric and hybrid cars.

Sources – Sky News, The Guardian, BBC

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