Worms removed from bodies of humans in Dambulla

In Dambulla, worms had been discovered in the bodies of about twenty residents, and they had been removed by specialist doctors of the Dambulla base hospital.

The worms removed from various parts of bodies of humans are said to be three to five inches in length. In two small children these worms were found in their chests and lower abdomen. Up to yesterday the doctors performed these operation in removing a large number of worms.

Specialist surgeon Dr Ajith Arthanayake and a team of doctors attended to this rare feat. It is believed that these worms enter the bodies through Mosquito bites and through domestic pets. The doctors said there were men and women patients who were affected by this rare phenomena. The presence of these worms had been recorded in many countries and in Sri Lanka too there had been instances of appearance of these worms.

The worms and the sample tissues removed from the bodies of the patients which had developed inside the bodies similar to cocoons were sent for further investigations to the Medical Faculty of the Peradeniya University. The doctors said further that there existed a possibility of the spread of these worms through domestic cats and dogs as well as from mosquitoes.
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