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“Few things are impossible to diligence and skill. Great works are performed not by strength, but by perseverance-“ Dr. Samuel Johnson.Dr Wijayatunga Mudalige Harischandra Wijayatunga’s life truthfully reflects the authenticity of these lines. He is a revered mythical scholar, author, translator, lexicographer, teacher, lawyer, Hela Wadampathi, University lecturer and politician who have achieved numerous milestones of triumphs and achievements. He was born on October 25th 1931 in Minuwangoda to a family of wealthy landowners with esteemed social eminence. This amalgamation of affluence and respected lineage helped him to pursue undeterred, his academic ambitions.

As per the Sri Lankan Constitution, Buddhism is afforded foremost status of all religions in Sri Lanka. This is in breach of the principles of democracy based on zero advantage as per the law/constitution – except to make amends – such as article 1.4 of  the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination which states:

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