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Anuradhapura Kidney Patients’ Lives at Stake

Mr. Terrence Gamini, the Vice President of the Kidney Transplant Support Foundation, revealed that the CAPD – solution, a solution that eases hemodialysis of kidney patients struggling between life and death, has been unavailable at the Kidney Diseases Control Unit of Anuradhapura Teaching Hospital for couple of weeks, and the lives of the kidney patients who are receiving this treatment are at stake.


Mr. Terrence said that he has felt that the famous multinational company that imports and distributes the CAPD – Solution (Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis Solution) to all the hospitals has no motive to continue prompt delivery of the solution to the country.

Mr. Terrence, on his opinion on the fate of the kidney patients of this country, says,

“CAPD Dialysis is a very easy method than hemodialysis, it involves installing a valve into the patient’s stomach. Through this method, two liters of the saline solution are given and after four hours, it should be aspirated from the stomach. This does the work of kidneys. This can be done at home. It should be done four times a day.

A Scarcity of Saline Packs at the Hospital

At present, nearly sixty patients who have been treated with this dialysis process come to the Anuradhapura clinic. One patient requires 120 saline packs per month. They are sent home with these packs once they come to the clinic. Now there is not one saline pack available in the hospital. The kidney patients are vulnerable unlike ever. When the question is being taken to the director of the hospital, he says that the saline has been ordered, if unavailable otherwise, to follow the substitute method instead.

When I inquired from the pharmacists of the hospital regarding this matter, they say that the company that supplies the saline does not distribute the solution to Sri Lanka. A pharmacist has gone to Colombo to order drugs. He said that when he questioned the relevant company about the solution he was told that the stocks have been delivered to Sri Lanka.

For the Health Minister’s Concern

If the stocks have been delivered as they say, they should immediately be brought and distributed to the hospitals. The drug order had been made more than three months ago. The multinational companies do not care whether people live or die in the country. All they need is money. We implore the Health Minister to order the relevant company to deliver the stocks immediately to Sri Lanka. Otherwise our innocent farmers, the essence of making Rajarata and our little country self-sufficient with rice, will die within a couple of days.”

The Director of the Anuradhapura Teaching Hospital Dr. Dulan Weerawardena was telephoned to question regarding this matter, but did not respond. In an inquiry to find out whether stocks are available or not at the Kidney Diseases Control Unit of the Anuradhapura Teaching Hospital, it was revealed that the saline solution had been unavailable for quite some time.

Buddhika Mahesh Wijesooriya – Anuradhapura

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