‘Homophobia’ in a Country of No People, Only a Crowd, and ‘Progressive Mangala’

‘Homophobia’ in a Country of No People, Only a Crowd, and ‘Progressive Mangala’

10 September 2018 05:36 am

When people of mind, set in Stone Age, Victorian Age, or Tribal Age, bewilderedly stare at the Indian Supreme Court decision, only one politician from Sri Lanka had the courage to publically tweet his progressive comment about the act.

The Indian Supreme Court, through five-party panel of judges, has announced a very progressive judgement, by repealing the judgement made in 2013 criminalizing Homosexuality, only two days ago. Accordingly, from now onwards ‘Homosexual acts’ are no longer considered to be a criminal offense in India; for it is only a matter of one’s privacy and of nature.

Minister of Finance and Media in Sri Lanka Mr. Mangala Samaraweera made his tweet ‘congratulating India for coming out of a Victorian hangover’, and no sooner than its appearance on twitter, several Homophobic people seemed to have been outraged. The Sri Lankan Media is well known for its confusion of the country. Consequently the imbeciles began to publish their headlines shouting “Minister Mangala again attempts to legalize Gay Marriage..”

mangala 1

Why Does the ‘Crowd’ Get this Confused?

What is this confusion? Are these media-personnel infants to confuse ‘Homosexual acts’ with ‘Gay Marriage’? Do not they have the slightest intelligence to differentiate these two titles, that they are not the same? Forgive us, they really do not..! Otherwise do you remember, that in 2017 when Minister Mangala presented a Cabinet paper to repeal the same laws in Sri Lanka, at which India has achieved today, the fool’s havoc caused by the same typical media? What Mangala endeavoured to achieve through such Cabinet paper decriminalizing Homosexual acts then is the same implement the Indian Supreme Court deliberately achieved today struggling for months, reminiscent at a four hundred-paged judgment. What Mangala wanted then was the elimination of the criminalization that had long been put on Homosexual acts influenced by the old British methods, to avoid discriminatory arresting of the gay community and the harassments they face by the Police, under fool’s justification of out-dated codes like the ‘Vagrants Ordinance’. But alas! The Homophobic Sri Lankans, climaxing themselves even at the word ‘gay’, absorbed the announcement, rather as, “Minister Mangala attempts to legalize Gay Marriage!”

So, what has been emphasized through Mangala’s tweet is the second episode of the same vile treatment he was given back then by the ‘crowd’. Back then the crowd got confused; today the same. So why does the Sri Lankan crowd get confused so much? Because they are too greedy for the disgusting manure-like taste of that confusion; because even mass media knows that the manure-like taste can easily be marketed.

What are Homosexual acts? According to the confined reality we live in known as the social standard, only men and women can exist in the world, which is called Gender Binary. We are not the only ones who argue that this concept is null, obsolete, unscientific and violating rights. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) declares otherwise on the grounds. Because that is not the truth. Nevertheless, when the world moves forward, only ‘crowds’ from countries like Sri Lanka still think that there cannot be Genders beyond the Gender Normativity. Why? Because in reality they are afraid of thinking, afraid of themselves.

Even the Whites then Lived in the Stone Age

Because for centuries Feudalism had been granting us with many gifts, this too had been granted by the same system, not by the Victorian Age. We do not blame the Victorians, because they had applied the ‘Victorian law that was in effect for a time’ to any colony. The Whites then thought even Fraternal Polyandry alias ‘Eka Gei Kaama’ to be a vile practice. The Whites in the framework of that mentality set laws in Sri Lanka, as well as in India, in accordance with the British Penal Code ruled in Britain at the time. Therefore, under Sector 365 and 365 (A) in the Sri Lankan Penal Code, and under 377 in the Indian Penal Code, Homosexual acts had been marked as criminal offence.

But later the Whites evolved. They had altered their way of thinking and their social standards in meeting with their needs. But alas we never like change. We are such an unmovable nation! But some define it as the Nation’s Pride. How wide is the ‘Pride’, that the same Whites who had granted us with that Penal Code, had later decriminalized Homosexual acts within the whole Administrative Trio of the Great Britain; Scotland, England and Wales. But we, who do not like change, still are underarming ourselves with the same Penal Code the Whites had longed given to us. Here is our Nation’s Pride…!

It is Neither Disease, nor Contagious!

Having buildings constructed, roads developed and widened do not simply define the development of a country. This should consist with nation’s progressive thinking too. Sri Lanka in that perspective steers backwards. Their still existing Homophobia well emphasizes it. The Sri Lankan society’s Homophobia by now is so severe, that even the word ‘equality’ remains allergic to their crowd. They view it in a manner in which simply calling out for equality, or teaching nursery children about ‘thinking equal’ stand for contagiousness of Homosexuality.!

Can Homosexuality really be something ‘contagious’? Not at all. The WHO declares Homosexuality to be a phenomenon of emotional attraction or bond between same sexes, i.e. between two men or two women. Biologists reiterate that this is an extremely natural phenomenon. Keep in mind. Between thousand social constraints occurred, the research conducted in Sri Lanka throughout the years in relate to the LGBT community prove that 20% of the Sri Lankan population are of Homosexual category or the possibility to be Homosexual. So, this ‘crowd’ makes fun out of one of every five people in Sri Lanka. This is never a disease, neither contagious. It is something inherited from birth, and/or nature. If we are to be gay just because our neighbour is gay, the meaning is obvious that we hold a sexual orientation of which may be Homosexual, not eating our neighbour alive is appropriate!

Reason for Shivering Legs

In the meantime, let us deeply analyse why do the legs of the crowd shiver at mentioning of ‘Gay Marriage’. The Sri Lankan law appraises the ‘marriage in certified paper’ as the continuity of the traditional family. It is no secret that collapsing traditional marriages in a global scale is a rising trend. There can be thousand reasons that meet the collision of ‘Traditional Family Unit’ in a social framework people at birth are systematically being labelled as ‘man’ and ’woman’ and let to share a roof. So for us, as a country proudly and braggingly taken the credit for being cultural, we suggest to simply visit a district court in a working day to witness the trend of disintegration of Traditional Family Unit. The screen of ‘Men and Women live so happily’ will demonstratively unmasked if you do so. In the middle, grieving out for legalizing Gay Marriage is too reasonable. In laymen’s terms, what lies here is a fear possessed by the citizens, who cannot even maintain the quality of the traditional man-woman family unit, that the woman-woman or man-man families may be more successful!

mangala 2

But do not be frightened. In a country maintaining the traditional family unit, not only within the legal framework but also within the social framework, is a failure, even thinking about Gay Marriage may not be possible, not for another century. Those who are aware of this ugly truth, fight only for gay rights, not for Gay Marriage. In truth, there is no Human Rights movement in Sri Lanka that fights for Gay Marriage. So, what right does the Media have to orchestrate a ‘sacrifice’ that does not exist?

The Will for Confusion

Why do we really mix these two facts this much?

Constructing opinion that there can be only two genders as man and woman is called Gender Binary. This is a false concept. There can be a vast of Gender Expressions and Gender Identities within the Gender spectrum. When its diversity is appreciated by the world, are we sensitive to the tragedy that we have wilfully confined ourselves into a circle of conservativity we have orchestrated? Once a young gay man was caught living with his partner by his family. They made a complaint for ‘Wariga Sabha’. At the end, being called ‘ponnaya’ and driven into psychological collateral damage by the traditional Wariga Sabha, the young man committed suicide in the daylight, as a result of his story being made publically available. Reports said that after drinking poison the poor man ran around the city until he dropped dead. At the end, in a matter of hours, a youth who could have done something for the country, something for the development of the country’s economy had been lost. It is exactly a year since the brutal assassination of Sanath Kumara aka the Transgender from Dambulla. It is a shame for us to recall the shameful way in which the news was reported by the mass media in our country. For many reporters, the headline needed to be denoted was ‘a man in women’s clothes’, not the fact that it was a transgender person. This is the way they are being treated by us. Our country, as a whole, is a nation pursuing from paraphilic desires and Homophobia.

A Country of No People, but a Crowd!

Sri Lanka anyway does not consist with a strong civil rights movement as India does. People in India struggle throughout the history for their rights. The Sri Lankan heroes prefer rather in dealing than struggling. Or else, similar to preachment of independence in 1948 into their doorstep, they wait till the rights being home delivered in a tray.

The reason is very simple. Civil rights movements are born through people. But Sri Lanka has no people; only a crowd! People have conscience, and discernment. A crowd has neither. However, a crowd is easily messed easily raged. Some media promotes Homophobia because the country consists of more ‘crowd’ than people, if people are ever to exist!

Indian institutions, such as the NASH Foundation, went into the courts for Gay Rights not just for once or twice. They in 2009 managed to receive statement from the Delhi High Courts that Homosexuality is not criminal offence. However in 2013, the Indian Supreme Court abolished the statement in which they announced that if ‘such judgement ought to be made in regard to irregular laws as such’, it can only be made via the decision of the Parliament. Well the Parliament consists with people’s representatives. Similar to the majority of people’s representatives in Sri Lanka, the Indian people’s representatives are not of ‘backbone’ to implement such tough decision. Therefore, in 2018 five petitioners once again brought the matter into the Indian Supreme Court. Chief Justice in the Supreme Court Deepak Misra announcing the statement has made a historic comment. He pointed out that the jurisdiction has the backbone to implement a decision through judgement, when the constitution hesitates to reinforce the jagged and damaged edges of the judicial system in a country. He pointed out that criminalizing homosexuality is a stance for violating human rights that are protected under the constitution. “Take me as I am.. it is a right to privacy and naturality”, he further added.

Nevertheless, if a Sri Lankan gay person publically announces ‘Take me as I am’, he will probably be beaten to death. Therefore what Minister Mangala does is gliding upriver in a country standing miles behind India. He and we are living in a land that does not even recognize the idea of respecting one’s privacy. We as a nation hide behind a perfect veil of which the Lady Visaka’s ‘Let neither your flames burn outside, nor outside flames burn you’ is embroidered, and always sneak into others’ privacy. What we would love to do is sneaking into another’s bedroom. It is not surprising for a country with such narrow thinking to find difficult to digest the progressive ideas of Minister Mangala. But what these narrow heads should be realizing about, gospel as the sun would rise tomorrow, is that people with progressive thinking--the ones who respect human rights, would always stand by Mangala’s side. For that, he is never a lone warrior. The number of people who are on the same level as such might be less in number, but their power and what they are capable of doing will be huge.

- Krishanthi Rajapakshe