She who Beacons Butterflies in Seeking Dreams

She who Beacons Butterflies in Seeking Dreams

6 October 2018 04:24 am

She is Shenika Jayawardena - A teacher in profession. She is the teacher of Information Technology at St. Lawrence Convent Wellawatte.

Descripting her likewise does not simply make her recognizable in the whole country. And yet, we thought of sharing her story with you assuming that having her known and read by other teachers, parents and children can be important.We are always conversant about our country, its future and pride; including, about people with pools of talents in different fields. We get to know them every day; for the more, giving our best to hang on to them keeping their company, if he or she can be someone that brings pride to our country.

ksanika 1

This story follows the same. She, who in silence continued her teaching throughout 11 years of her service very successfully, is appreciated not only by the National level, but that of the International as well.

She, for her active participation in both education of the children and extracurricular activities and compassionate knowledge on Information Technology, has become a light that breezes the entire St. Lawrence Convent. As the old saying goes, the more you sow the more you reap, this teacher sowed in which harvest received beyond measures. To this day, she, on her silence, continues her service.

She, as of now, has already stepped into the limelight of the world, becoming a role model and a guide to all teachers in the country. She is able to win an award for our country at the Global Teacher Award Ceremony held in appreciating teachers, at New Delhi of India for the first time in history. Here is to the harvest for her 11 years of service as a teacher.

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“I am enclosed with the Internet for I am keeping up with Information Technology subject. I am interested in opportunities like such. One of the things I believe is that we should never let go of such opportunities. If we can win in achieving, it will not only become a personal victory, but also a victory of the entire country. Therefore, I came to learn about the Global Teacher Award. Applications were called on past March. So I applied to the contest.”

Her self-confidence is un-resembling. She travelled in seeking her destination, with 4600 teachers from 28 different subjects around the world. Amongst the final one hundred, she was able to win the award.

Appreciation of teachers is never an easy procedure. Because it is inclined on an International scale, many scopes of subjects are being processed during the procedure. Also, extracurricular activities focused on children are complexed to evaluate. Evaluating a field holding such nature is a huge burden. Fields with formality and transparency are especially being considered in the occasion. Our protagonist is able to win all these challenges in lighting hopes in the eyes of her fellow teachers.

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“A wide range of concerns have been taken into account here. Usually, a teacher is expected to pass the students from examinations. It is not an easy task. Holding 10 fingers from your palms, they are unique in ten different ways. Children are the same. Not everybody is in the same level. Concentrating on students who happen to be less than standard is important. I hold a humble happiness to recall my contribution at the point. Talking about results, I can safely say they are 100%. With many “A” grades almost every student has passed my subject.

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On the other hand, I make contributions to a lot of extracurricular activities at school. If any of their activities involves digital platform, my contribution is compulsorily there. I work in interceding many of the school events, including concerts and awarding ceremonies. Likewise I intercede for all kinds of contributions.

Also, as a Catholic, I have been serving as a teacher at the Catholic Sunday school for 22 years. For the preceding two years, I worked as its principal. Even then I committed to my children to the best of my capacities. I believe today I have the blessings of all of them.”

The most important thing to be denoted throughout the story of this teacher is her vision as a teacher. She speaks of it as follows.

“As a teacher I always realize that those what come to me seeking my attention are dreams; dreams of a mother, a father, a society. One of these days these dreams are what build this society. Therefore, I always think of how to build those dreams. My teachings are made accordingly.”

We always agree with the fact that teachers are the foundation to building a society that is good. It is the future of a society that comes from the arms of parents, to the arms of a teacher. It is being polished by such teachers. So, the future, which is being built upon at the hands of a compassionate human being like herself, will never be crutching in the darkness.

“I had my Advanced Levels in Science stream. I could not continue a career in that path. By then, Computer Science was only a recently introduced subject. I had a wish to study Computer Science. During my studies, I became the Batch Top from Gampaha district. While I was studying, I was invited to work as an Instructor. So, I became one in my 19-20s. Having my higher education there, I was qualified to reach into UK Qualification. From then, I followed the Software Engineering field. I was employed in the Private sector for 07 years after. Foundation to my success was formed like this.”

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That is how our teacher has taken the course to get the opportunity to side in the IT field.

Nevertheless, by now she remains at the righteous course she has taken.

While on one hand she is overwhelmed by her award, on another she dwells upon a subtle pain. She questions, as to why such an evaluation cannot be held at National level for all teachers in Government and Private sectors. She points out that it would be much commendable if one can receive such recognition from the land they live in, before going to the International level. She questions whether appreciating, conversing or observing about teachers only on Teacher’s Day would be enough.

“I never wish to view it as a profession. This is a service. One can assume that this is some duty undergoing from 7.30 am in the morning to 1.30 pm in the evening. No! Teachers are obliged to carry out a lot of work. Much time during a day is spent with the children’s teachings and planning on them. The society should reach forward into a progressive point in regard to the matter.”

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She speaks on behalf of not only herself, but for the entire teaching community. She tries to share the pride and dignity of being a teacher with everyone else; speaks to the dreams of the children--arms them with reinforcements to have them keep following their dreams with many shapes and colours.

So, what are these appreciations, non-existent to such beautiful human beings, for?