If the future of our country is entirely in TNA hands... - by Dr. Wickramabahu Karunarathne

If the future of our country is entirely in TNA hands... - by Dr. Wickramabahu Karunarathne

29 December 2018 08:34 am

After the reactionary intervention to usurp power which was defeated by the progressive people and judicial power centers, there is general criticism that the two main parties in Lanka’s political arena – the UNP and the SLFP – have degenerated in both theory and practice.

Though the criticism is formidable in the direction of the SLFP there is strong intellectual revulsion on UNP too. They say brilliant liberals as well as charged populist do not commit in to these two parties any more. Further, each time they form new coalitions to accommodate the uncommitted, their identities and symbols are changed more frequently than their attire, the average voter is left so utterly confused. They may vote the wrong person say the new comers to politics. The UNP tried to keep the symbol steady while changing name. That too could have pushed out those who do not want to commit to UNP symbol .on the other hand because SLFP have not used hand symbol several decades consistently, it has virtually vanished into oblivion.

Yong UNPers firmly dispute the above opinion and say that there is serious attempt made by the leadership to train the new comers absorb modern liberalism and social democracy, and also to train in democratic practice. Apparently even outsiders interested in such programmes could participate. It is a fact that there are modern civil society organizations backed by the West that involved in spreading democratic practice to handle the problems faced by Lanka. These organizations really show the power of social democracy in the western world more than the reactionary pressure of governments. Eran Wickramarathne, Vajira Abeywardane, Mangala Samaraweera, Harsha de Silva, and M. A. Sumanthiran, are some who benefited or contributed to these programmes. On the other hand populism of the SLFP has degenerated and having corrupted social welfare perspectives too, has become raw Sinhala fascism. In a recent Sama Samaja meeting Sumanthiran claimed their ideology is much closer Sama Samajism than any version of liberalism.

The JVP is doing well; carefully erasing and recovering from its notorious bloodthirsty anti democratic reputation earned in the late 80s for which in spite ego has apologized indirectly. They have explained the mistake. It is clear Anura Dissanayake and the new leadership has understood the nature of the crisis in democracy and JVP played a great role while keeping their independence. The TNA that has no chance in hell of ever forming a government; but it played a role of a political giant to move politics in correct direction. They have agreed to participate in a left political front.

Some say the future of our country is entirely in TNA hands!

If that happens one can be assured that the crème of patriotic professionals and workers with integrity to come together to be the leaders of that force. Those who have so far refrained from entering the currently vile political arena will not hesitate to join this movement. All those true patriots of Lanka irrespective of nationality: Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim will back this movement to the hilt. That is most probable; one can assure one self! These ethical committed young politicians are ONLY hope to take our country out of this dark abyss we are spiraling into and take it forward towards a better future. They owe it to us and the future generations of Lanka. These young leaders are currently in their 50s, maximum. Hence they have to do it NOW before it’s too late, because if they don’t, no one else may succeed.

If this is the reality, some critiques say, the time has come for one to break away from the politically bankrupt parties one presently belongs to, and become NOT the 3rd force but the first and MAIN political force in Lanka that could push present Ranil regime to follow Lincoln of America if not Nelson Mandela of South Africa.