Consume more water, your health depends on it amid hot weather!

Consume more water, your health depends on it amid hot weather!

16 April 2019 08:36 am

With sun rising top and directly pointed across the country, the weather over the period has extremely been hot, particularly intolerable to some parts of Sri Lanka. The temperature has risen into a fever pitch amid the hot weather and affects the human body causing to rise dehydration. As said by Community Consultant Physician Dr. Kapila Jayaratne, it is vital to be aware of health precautions amid such hot weather and high temperature.  

The body heat is being regularly controlled by sweating. However, increasing humidity can disrupt the process in which controlling body heat might not be regulated properly. The current humidity in Sri Lanka has been increased by 95%, which can affect harmfully to the human body, significantly among infants, children under age 4, adults over 65, those with excessive weight, working people and the sickened. 

Precautions need to be followed

The main step is to drink more water in order to minimize the adverse physical effects of the prevailing hot weather. In overuse, it usually takes a lot more water than the amount of water you have to drink with the thirst. In this case, it is advisable to take 2 to 4 glasses of water in an hour. This is especially important for children and the elderly. Salt usually added to the food will receive the amount of minerals required.

People of all categories, especially children, shall work out their bodies only to the limit of affordability, Dr. Jayaratne added. Physical exercises are recommended to be carried out only in mornings and evenings. People who are working out shall maintain a course of resting in between the exercises at a sheltered place. 

Dr. Jayaratne further pointed out that children and other people should be available indoors or at sheltered locations. It is best if rooms are air-conditioned. So are fans. Bathing or showering with cold water can also reduce body heat. It is advisable to wear light, casual wear made of cotton, with having a full coverage to the body. He added that wearing a hat or using an umbrella would be beneficial to protect the body from the sun rays.

What shouldn't be done

There are things what people should not do in such climate as well, according to Dr. Jayaratne. Hot food or liquids, particularly hot tea, should be avoided. People should avoid exposing themselves into heat or sunshine, staying in rooms with lack of ventilation, and consuming alcohol, excessively cold drinks or sugary liquids.

There are also times when people should be more prudent in terms of facing hot weather. Dr. Jayaratne points out that if a person suffers from acute fatigue, chest pain, or breathing difficulties during a workout, he or she must immediately stop the process and rest in a cool sheltered place. Anyone with a headache or passout has to immediately inform other people. 

Sun rays can turn skin red and irritating, while in some cases burns or blisters can occur. Applying sun cream would be helpful in preventing them. Common skin rashes can occur on sensitive areas, especially neck, chest or breasts. Keeping yourself in cool places in order to keep your skin cool can help prevent them. If burnt injuries appear on a child due to the heat of the sun, they should be taken to a doctor immediately.

Dr. Jayaratne went on to say, that muscle spasms are common amid dry weather, and in such circumstances liquids with minerals should be aspirated and relaxed. Sugary drinks may also be helpful in such circumstances. However, if such spasms continue to exist over an hour, they should immediately be taken to a doctor. 

High temperatures can sometimes cause heat paralysis. Paralysis occurs when the body fails to control temperature and the brain and the nervous system are affected by it. Heat paralysis are very rarely occurred in Sri Lanka.  

High risk groups should be more cautious in high temperature weathers. Infants, children under age 4 and adults over 65 are sensitive to temperature fluctuations and depend on others to maintain a stabilized temperature. People overweight have fat layers underneath their skins and are unable to regulate body heat easily. Infants should be lightly dressed and placed in cool places and kept fresh with supplying liquids. Warm food or liquids should be avoided. 

Ill health amid dry and hot weather can easily be avoided by acting with intelligence to observe proper medical procedures and healthy lifestyles, Dr. Jayaratne further added.