Nazoordeen By Timran Keerthi

At one end of the colony,
Me, at the other.
You, you are the one,
Who created news,
Some news amidst a sea of heads.
You, you are the one,
Who brought to stage Sinhala Comedies
At the Muslim school whose literary appreciation was unknown
Who abandoned school
After a scrape
You are the protagonist
Who rebuilt
The teacher-student link on the street
You, you left something to talk about
Your sidekicks who sang out slogans,
“Rata Perata – ApiMahindata”
Have gone ahead
You, you have not moved, not moved
You did not seek
The ‘Lourdes’
Like those long beards,
You always sought the Sinhala Salon
For a new haircut
You, one and only Nazoordeen…
“The right age is
The age of a tortoise”
You teased even the Gramasevaka
With no fear
You, you are the only one who did so
You are the one
Who burned away from height the big mosque
You are the wizard
Who created the small mosque
Under the Ramadan moon
After the small mosque
Was smashed,
On the day of the chase
With brandished Jihad swords,
You ran
Seeking pure blood,
Only red, red blood!


Translated by Tasneem Hameed

-Eng. 404 - student translations of Sinhala poetry.

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