Cinderella ………. , Taraki and a lustful night! - Priyath Liyanage
You wore a white shirt with brown line
We drank pints of larger and she drank lots of wine
Smoking “Romeo Juliets”, lost track of time
Lover of life, you always shine
She said good bye, you said why not stay
“You are flying away at dawn!” she kissed and shuffled away
Another bird flown, no glass slipper or moan
Despair was not for liberation, nor about the motherland that was torn
In that checked shirt, you talked about lovers
Ones that were Lost and found; but no more ours
Lust, wine, music and political powers
War, genocide also the Death threats that hovers
Ten years ago, on that starry night
Hugging me under the street light
That shirt flapped in the wind with your wide eyed smile
“Mach(j)anng! See you soon!!” you held my hand a little while
Saw you again, on a screen
I sobbed whole day did not scream
Bound gaged and murdered in a ditch
Is it democracy or terrorism? Do not know which is which
You wore the same white shirt with brown line
Do not want to say “farewell!”, I know you  are fine
I want to know why you wore that same shirt
I did not want it stained with blood and dirt
Ten years had lapsed since you left me in a mist
My only honour was to be in the same death list
Sooner or later we will meet in a bar along the way
Do not wear that shirt again, a stain of wine will stay
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