A resolute woman who chose her occupation in motor mechanism trade

In today’s context the majority of women endeavour to study to become professionals.

Those who fail in the endeavour of completing higher education opt to select occupations like beauty culture. However in complete contrast a story of a resolute woman was heard from Hambantota area where not only to make a realization in life but to choose an occupation in the motor car mechanism trade to set an example to men where only men get habitually indulged in.

This resolute woman by name is Samanthi Ratnasinghe 38 years old a former student of Beliatte Agulmaduwa Vidyalaya had opted after her GCE Ordinary examination to embrace the motor car mechanism trade by commencing a motor car repair garage, which is a peculiar occupation for a female. Samanthi has confessed that after the demise of her father she has even lost interest in a marriage as she has to look after her mother and brother. Her mother offers her assistance in her garage activities.

It is said that Samanthi has gained knowledge in the trade from her father. Owing to her enthusiasm and commitment she has been able to achieve unprecedented accolades from many.

Samanthi had added that over 18 years ago she had gained knowledge in this trade by understudying the related work at a garage belonging to a close relative. As her father too was engaged in the same occupation had guided her to grasp the required knowledge in this field without much hassle. She had also worked in the same field in Colombo. As time progressed she had been able to form her own garage. Now she confesses that she could perform any related work like mending iron, aluminium or brass using electricity and oxygen. She had also added that that she could also perform tasks like tinkering, painting and engine repairs. As she performs her work very methodically she is offered work constantly on a regular basis.She had confidently confessed that she could effortlessly identify any defect of a motor vehicle that is brought to her garage for repairs. She has the ability to dismantle an engine and fix properly to perfection.

The garage of hers is located in Hambantota old Tissa road in the vicinity of the court complex. He has confessed that many women think that she cannot perform such tasks. But she says if you possess courage, will power, intention, commitment and dedication nothing is impossible.

HM Gunawathie, Samanthi’s mother had said that for her to be involved in this trade she has had no constraints, drawbacks but it has been smooth functioning. Samanthi is a typical example for those women who stay anticipating finding a white colour job,

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