Horrific events in London Indicate acid attacks on the rise

By Julia Proctor

Events taking place in London late on Thursday night show a brutal and heartless crime to be increasing in recent times.

On the night of the 13th of July, five acid attacks took place in London, all believed to be connected for the purpose of simple theft.

This specific case is believed to be most shocking due to the fact that all five attacks were committed within the space of ninety minutes, resulting in 'life changing' injuries for the victims involved.

The motives for these horrific attacks are at present believed to be robbery, as two of the victims mopeds on which they were travelling were stolen in the aftermath.

The attack, involving two male suspects, has lead to a major inquiry being carried out by Metropolitan Police, which has reportedly lead to the arrest of one 16-year-old male.

This story comes after shocking figures released from the Met Police, depict the rising use of crime involving corrosive fluids throughout the UK.

Just last year in 2016, 458 corrosive fluid crimes were reported to the police, showing a sharp increase on the year previous, with only 261 crimes being reported in 2015.

It was only last month that a student celebrating her 21st birthday alongside her cousin, were attacked whilst waiting at traffic lights in East London. Miss Khan has since said that her ordeal left her in 'excruciating' pain, and that she was 'devastated' by the events that would change her appearance permanently.

Met Commissioner, Cressida Dick, has since said that she is becoming increasingly concerned with the growing trend of corrosive liquids being used upon victims, stating that Thursday night's attacks were 'completely barbaric'.

Due to a recent focus surrounding acid attacks, a spokeswoman for the Prime Minister Theresa May, has hinted at possible new legislation being employed to combat this growing problem.

The spokeswoman is reported to say, 'we are working with police to see what more we can do'. Following this, the Met Commissioner Cressida Dick, backed up these claims in an interview with LBC radio in which she stated, 'we are working very closely with the [Government] to try to see if there is any changes in the law required'.

Although this may not act as comfort for acid attack victims facing challenges in overcoming their injuries, it can be seen to be a step in the right direction to prevent such crimes from happening in the future.












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