No Arahaths since Tripitaka was written !!

Is what is written in Tripitaka the truth...?

If not are we following the wrong methods...?

It is high time to consider this because there have been no Arahaths for 2100 years. In fact both those above have contributed to the absence of enlightened ones. If what is written is wrong or adulterated then it is obvious that the path described in such texts would also be wrongly directed.

It is a well known fact that Gouthama Ththagatha predicted that what will be written in texts will be adulterated during the course of time. That this will happen is clearly stated in Aani Sutra (Samyuttha Nikaya). Aani means nails. What it states is that the drum of Pure Dhamma when sounded will emanate truth  and when listened to such truth,  people will become enlightened. The Buddha states in this Sutra that with time people will implant nails (add their interpretations)  and change the sound that comes out from this Dhamma drum. When this happens the sound it generates is the sound of nails (adulterated additions) and not of pure Dhamma. Under those circumstances there will be no enlightenment  and no Arahaths. This prediction of Buddha has become vividly true.

The practical methods followed towards Arahathship also have been therefore adulterated. However for a person who have attained Sothapanna state (stream entry) these adulterations are fairly clear because of the knowledge obtained via the eye of Panna.

Saddhamma Prathirupaka Sutra in the same Samyuttha nikaya also states that a replica of a Buddha message will be born and when this happens no enlightenment will take place. It also states that this replica will be actually created by those within the sasana lineage i.e. the priests themselves and not lay people. 

Considering the current status of Buddhism in Sri-Lanka and the behaviour of clergy etc. I leave it to the general public whether the Buddha’s prediction has been “on the spot”. Actually the replica was born 2100 years ago and the name given to it is Tripitaka. Hence this was written down no Arahaths seen. Pure Buddha “seeing” (from the eye of panna)  became “Buddhism” at about the same time. In Brahmajaala sutra Buddha states that his message is not a religion (a way of life) but is to be “seen” with the eye of Panna. 

So all what Buddha predicted have now become a reality, that no enlightenment will take place once the message is adulterated.

Now that the path to nibbana has been rediscovered (not via texts), hopefully people will come to know the truth. In fact it is already out there !!……. BE READY!!!!!

Dr Gamini Abaya

To be continued…..

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