Why is it Nibbana cannot be achieved through the religion called Buddhism..?

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The religion called Buddhism – ‘Buddha Agama’ - a way of life - began about 2100 years ago. Prior to that was ‘Buddha Vision’ or ‘seeing’ Buddha state, also called ‘Buddha Darshanaya’. During this period of ‘Buddha Darshanaya’ there were fully enlightened ones called Arahaths. In fact, the history records that there were tens of thousands of Arahaths present during this era prior to Buddhism. But since Buddhism was invented there has been no Arahaths.

Buddhism as a ‘way of life’ began around the same time as the Tripitaka was written down. It is difficult to trace the person who coined the name ‘Buddha-Agama’ or Buddhism at the beginning. This was named such in spite of the fact that Buddha’s categorical statement in Brahmajaala Sutra that what he discovered is not another religion. The possibility of India having any influence in creating a religion called Buddhism has to be raised because important treatises like Mahawansa has being originally written by an Indian called Mahanama. At a time when Hindu religion was undermined by Buddha Intelligence, it is not inconceivable to comprehend that pure Buddha word was subjected to Indian influence in order to revive Hinduism. 

Before king Walagamba era, that is before Tripitaka was written – for 15 years the whole of Sri Lanka was ruled by Tamil kings. During this period the country became enriched with Nigantha (Jain) doctrine. Many know well about a Nigantha person called ‘Giri’. For 12 years before this period the country was plagued with a famine known as ‘Bamini Thiya Saya’. This calamity not only caused serious damage to the country but also to the pure Buddha word – Buddha Darshanaya- also perished and passed into oblivion. The last Arahath lived about 48 years before Tripitaka was written.

With the advent of Buddhism the emphasis changed to veneration of a ‘person’ called Buddha, created in the mind as a supreme god. They disregarded a most important statement of Buddha as said to Wakkali (in Buddhist literature) that the state of Buddha cannot be found by looking at physical body (or a statue) of Buddha. This change in emphasis paved the way for a creation of a way of life to support a ‘person’ called ‘me’ or ‘I’.  In this new doctrine called Buddhism emphasis was given to improve or flourish the mundane life of this illusion called ‘me’ or ‘I’. The contents of Tripitaka were also written to accommodate the Mundane life.

Everybody knows that the sermons people familiar with today are relating to mundane life. Although Buddha has said that he does not prise for a moment the mundane life, to leave it and reach supra mundane states of knowledge, almost all sermons we hear today are directed towards mundane life. We are told that attaining nibbana is not possible in this life, until then go to ‘diwya loka’or heaven and live there until Maitree Buddha arrives. This is in spite of the fact that the Buddha word ‘Sandittiko’ meaning attaining nibbana can be done ‘hear and now’.

So, there is no way one can attain nibbana by following Buddhism created 2100 years ago. They always think about the next life instead of ‘hear and now’. Most people now know that Maithree Buddha concept originated during Buddhaghosha time. That was about 1000 years after the demise of Gouthama Buddha. Fortunately the way to nibbana has now opened up and the knot tied by creators of Buddhism preventing people from becoming intelligent – attaining nibbana ‘hear and now’ -  can now be undone. I sincerely hope people will embrace this golden era and make use of the opportunity to become intelligent  and live happily in ‘Niwan Suwa’. Something that has appeared after 2100 years is not to be missed.

- Dr Gamini Abhaya (http://www.buddhaintelligence.org/)

To be continued…….

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