Is Buddhism pure Buddha word…?

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There have been no enlightened ones produced through Buddhism for 2100 years. Prior to that when Buddha “seeing” or Buddha Dharshanaya was prevalent there were hundreds of thousands of Arahaths (enlightened ones). It is stated in the history that out of 7 and a half million people in Sravaththi 5 million were those who reached Sothapanna state (Stream Entry) of enlightenment.

How did these people develop internally to such high levels without any education of modern science? This was possible because in those days there was no restriction to free thinking, which has been buried underground in the current era by religions, religious clergy, media, rules and regulations and of course by modern scientific knowledge obtained via a mind mediated mechanism.

  1. Current Buddhism teaches us that only a few can attain Nibbana. It is mentioned in Tripitaka that Buddha picked up a bit of soil on to back of a nail in the hand and said the same. But the mere fact that during Buddha’s time about 70% of the people in one town had seen Nibbana is contradictory to such a statement, which cannot be considered the truth.
  2. Buddhism tells us that seeing Nibbana is very difficult. How then extremely uneducated people like Suneetha and Sopaka saw Nibbana After listening to few words only. We are told they have accumulated enough merits to achieve such a state so quickly. But in Devdaha Sutra of MN 3.1 Buddha states those who say that the past deeds have anything to do with what happens at present, are the Nigantha’s (Jains). It also states that what Buddha describes is not Karma Phala (past deeds modulating present action) but Hethu Phala (cause and effect) and that too during present time, nothing to do with past.
  3. If in nature as Buddha says everything is impermanent there cannot be fruition of past deeds on a different occasion, because impermanence means that nothing is stored or remembered by nature. Therefore, there are no merits or demerits one carries forward. In fact, what is “seen” during Sothapanna (stream Entry) “seeing” is that there is no system in the nature to hold such information to produce an event in a future date in relation to past actions. Of course, this Nigantha (Jain) doctrine of karma phala has helped to pop up a false life style of their own creation for the robed Buddhist Clergy.
  4. Buddhism has elevated Buddha to a “God” state and has become a “religion” which includes things Buddha never approved. In Brahmajaala Sutra DN1 he states that what he discovered is not a religion but a “seeing” and cautions people looking for truth to be careful from those who “worship me, offer me food and incenses, keep residing Buddha qualities, but preach what I have not said”. This is what is called “Brahma net” or “Brahma jaala”. This is a net that humans get caught to falsely assuming that what such preaches state are true. Sri Lankans have been caught in this net for over 2100 years. That is why nobody has attained nibbana via the Brahma net.
  5. In Buddhism thinking through mind activity (manasikaro) is supreme, in spite of the fact that Buddha clearly states that the mind creates an illusion (mano mayaa). This has been classified further as Yoniso (wise) and Ayoniso (unwise) attention in Buddhism although Budhha clearly states that Buddha message is to relinquish – get rid of (“nekkamma”) the illusive mind.

If relinquishing the illusive mind is the Buddha word Why are we asked to nurture and develop the mind…?

Why are we told to use the mind (manasikaaro) all the time for all activities if it creates an illusion…?

If manasikaaro is not the path to nibbana why are we told to use this method…?

Why are we told to meditate if what it does is to enter the mind and nurture it preventing nibbana…?

Such statements are confusing and blatantly not the Buddha message.

Even the words "Buddha seeing” (Buddha Dharshanaya) have disappeared.

In Maha Sungnnata Sutra Buddha states to his disciple Ananda that he attained Buddha hood NOT via Manasikaaro. “Sabba nimiththaanam amanasikaara”

Then why have we been taken down the mind mediated “Manasikaarao” path for 2100 years without results of Nibbana…?

- Dr Gamini Abhaya (

To be continued……

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