Cyclone Alert to Sri Lanka- Department of Meteorology

According to the lastest warning which was announced yesterday(04) by the The Early Warning Center for natural disasters of Meteorological Department they expect heavy rains and strong winds in the coastal areas of Sri Lanka in the coming 72 hours.


This is a result of increasing of the wind speed around the island and in the Bay of Bengal. The low pressure area in the Bay of Bengal is located about 1300 km east of the island, and the pressure is on the way to a depression today. Wind will be between 90-100 kmph in the Bay of Bengal and 70-80 kmph in the deep and shallow sea areas around the island, especially in the Northern and Eastern Provinces the wind speed can be exceeded upto 50-60 kmph said the Early Warning Center.

Do not fish in Bay of Bengal:
Meteorological Department says that it is expected to avoid fishing and naval activities in the area during these days due to strong winds and rough sea areas arose in the Bay of Bengal.

Damage to land?
Due to the expected meteorological conditions  changes in the Bay of Bengal, Lanka News Web inquired whether this situation can threaten and damage the land areas, and Ms. Chathushka Premachandra a Meteorologist from the Meteorological Department informed that the winds must usually swim between 75 and 87 kmph to damage land and property; However, under certain conditions, property damage can be caused due to even a slower wind cyclone.

-Chavini Abhayasinghe



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