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Remembering the World AIDS Day—in opening up opportunities for people living with HIV to fight against it, showing support and bringing equality for people living with HIV, and commemorating those who passed away from AIDS-related illnesses—the world was in a unity dressed in gallantly bright red ribbons to show support as an international dedication and was only three days ago. Where are we standing today?

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May 23, 2019

Special High Court sets date for final submissions in Gamini Senarath's case

The new Special Permanent High Court-at-Bar has ordered the defence and the prosecution to present…
May 23, 2019

Doctor found dead in house at Kotahena

A body of a man has been discovered at a house in Bloemendhal Lane, Kotahena.

May 23, 2019

Two arrested for possession of Kerala Cannabis in Medawachchiya

Two persons have been arrested in Medawachchiya area over possession of Kerala Cannabis. 

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