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Yesterday, I responded to Dr. Dayan Jayatilleke’s article ‘Devananda’s Dissent & The Country That Never Was’. Today, I noted the rebuttal dated 05 July by Dr Dayan under the heading ‘Response To The NGO ‘Civil Society’ Petition Submitted To The High Posts Committee’ published by Colombo Telegraph. To me this is an example of ‘Knock and It shall open’ .

At one point after the 15th over on the first day of the third Test, the groundsmen on either side of the SSC square moved in. There was no rain, but they knew. In the media box with its views of the city, the construction cranes, scattered multi-storey towers, the white cupola of the town hall, and the slowly rising Lotus Tower were being obliterated by a curtain of grey.

I was directed today to the Sri Lanka Guardian article ‘Sexual harassment at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Sri Lankan Missions overseas’. Around the same time I received a video clip about DMK Chief Karunanidhi who has two wives, one lawful and the other official. Mr Karunanidhi is reported to have called the former his ‘manaivi’/wife and the other his ‘thunaivi’/partner. The former is more structured whilst the latter is fluid and more relaxing.

Mr. Terrence Gamini, the Vice President of the Kidney Transplant Support Foundation, revealed that the CAPD – solution, a solution that eases hemodialysis of kidney patients struggling between life and death, has been unavailable at the Kidney Diseases Control Unit of Anuradhapura Teaching Hospital for couple of weeks, and the lives of the kidney patients who are receiving this treatment are at stake.

This week Just Asia begins with India, where two police officers have been awarded the death penalty for the custodial torture and death of 27-year-old Udaya Kumara in Kerala in 2005. For more than 10 years, Udaya’s mother was steadfast in her pursuit of justice. Udaya’s case is a reminder not only of police brutality in the country, but also of its inadequate justice mechanisms.

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