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Typhoon hits Japan amid rain and heat!

A powerful typhoon has hit Honshu island of Japan at a speed of 180 kmph. Japan Meteorology Dept. says heavy rain can be expected.


 Foreign media reports 150,000 houses have been destroyed due to the typhoon, and 16 persons have been injured.

 Following alerts, 36,499 persons of Shobara city in Western Japan and 6,300 persons of Kore city have been moved to safer places.

 Governor of Hiroshima Hidehiko Yuzaki had stated he was afraid that people would not be able to evacuate before the typhoon.

 Japanese authorities have been able to send approximately 8 million to safe places. Around 100 flights have also been cancelled.

 Japan faced natural disasters since the beginning of this year. 200 people died due to flood, and before Japan could recover from its damage, more than 80 died from high heat. Approximately 22,000 were hospitalized.

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