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A Baguette and a Little Girl !

A lesson from Britain that attempts to change policy performance on the basis of a standalone incident.
On July 17 2016, a young lady of 15 arrived to the Heathrow Airport of London thinking of travelling to Nees city of France on her holidays. She bought a baguette from a food shop at the airport. She was not aware that inside the baguette were sesame seeds. She suffers from an allergy that mortally affects her system at consumption of sesame seeds. This baguette, or the pole of bread, did not contain sesame seeds from the outside, it was from the inside. So she never imagined that her nemesis was waiting for her inside the baguette.
In the end the plane reaches the Nees city when she dies. Her father tried of saving her life by injecting her with epipen, but was unsuccessful.
The untimely death of Natasha Ednan-Laperouse causes devastation in England. Unlike in Asian countries, these people value the lives of Europeans the most. Therefore, a deep investigation is being carried out in revealing the mystery behind the demise of this little girl, just for eating a baguette. The verdict of the investigation was announced only two days ago.
She purchased the baguette from a Pret outlet located in the 5 th peripheral section of the airport. They made their condolences in the death of this girl. But is it just enough?
Generally, one of every 100 persons has the likeliness to suffer from an allergic reaction to sesame seeds. Many projections are symptomatic, from skin lesions and inflammations to choking. If an incident like such happens in a country like Sri Lanka, obviousness is that people make up to it by simply thinking that it is ‘The karma of that girl! Her pan of life has come to an end’. But as said before, some countries value the lives of their people the most. So nobody held responsible to the incident liked the idea of ‘leaving’ the case.
“We have to find out what happened, and how did it happen exactly”, that was what almost everyone said.
In the end the exact reason was revealed.
The ingredients section of the food labeling of the baguette did not mention anything about containing sesame seeds...
The little girl would have never eaten the baguette in the first place if the label mentioned anything about it… If so, she would have been still alive..
During the postmortem the Pret company made various excuses--that they are always in caution for the allergies, the information can always be collected from the manager of their shop, and that their website also makes them available, and so on… The company further declared that they are ‘seriously’ committed in providing accurate information to their customers about food.
However, none of the excuses shielded in their defense. The verdict announced that the company is accountable for poor food labeling.
The best part to the story follows afterwards.
The case was not just pushed into a narrow shell, where a compensation is being collected, and justice is being served for what happened to the girl…
Instead, the case bolts itself into changing the food labeling policies of the Britain. The Environmental Secretary of England Michael Gove as of now is attempting to develop a change in the policies of the country at the basis of the incident.
How many unfortunate incidents similar to this one are being reported in our country on a daily basis? How many lives are being lost on a daily basis, because of various issues? But majority among them are being collected into history as ‘just another tragedy’. Our country does not even think of pushing itself into taking preventive measures to incidents as such. They are being chaptalized in the history as isolated incidents; that is it. Therefore, England, that attempts to change policy performance on the basis of a standalone incident, teaches us a lesson big time.
This is why people from these countries are being called to be civilized, or literally have values beyond measures. It is the true meaning behind calling these countries to be developed.
It is the true meaning behind calling our countries to be undeveloped.
Alas when will we be… shedding happy tears in this country..

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