Australian PM delivers national apology to victims of child sexual abuse

Australian PM delivers national apology to victims of child sexual abuse

22 October 2018 08:16 am

Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Monday delivered an emotional apology to the survivors, victims and families of institutional child sexual abuse at the parliamentary chamber in Canberra.

He has made this statement in the wake of the final report by the Royal Commission into Institutional Reponses to Child Sexual Abuse, the Australia’s Prime Minister. The inquiry carried out by the commission had heard the stories of 17,000 survivors of sexual abuse.

“As a nation, we failed them, we forsook them, and that will always be our shame. We say sorry.” he said.

“Why were the cries of children and parents ignored? Why was our system of justice blind to injustice? Why has it taken so long to act?” he added.

He further stated: “Even after a comprehensive royal commission, which finally enabled the voices to be heard and the silence to be broken, we will all continue to struggle. So today, we gather in this chamber in humility, not just as representatives of the people of this country, but as fathers, as mothers, as siblings, friends, workmates and, in some cases, indeed, as victims and survivors.”

The Royal Commission, after a five-year inquiry, had presented 122 recommendations and the government accepted 104 of them.

The Australian Prime Minister stated that the government will report the progress of the Royal Commission’s recommendations every year for the next five years.