Sri Lanka attacks: Funeral held for three children of Asos billionaire after their deaths in Easter Sunday blast - Lanka News Web (LNW)

Sri Lanka attacks: Funeral held for three children of Asos billionaire after their deaths in Easter Sunday blast

A funeral has been held for three children of Denmark's wealthiest man, after they were killed in the Easter Sunday bomb attacks in Sri Lanka. 
Anders Holch Povlsen, 46, was seen comforting his wife and their surviving daughter at the service. 
The coffins of his three children, named Alfred, Alma and Agnes, were seen covered in flowers outside Aarhus Cathedral on Sunday. 
It has previously been suggested Mr Povlsen was hurt in the blast, at the Shangri La Hotel in Colmbo, himself but it is not clear to what extent. 
Denmark's prime minister and members of the Danish royal family were in attendance at Saturday's service. 
Povlsen, 46, is behind the fashion brand Asos and with his wife Anne holds more than 200,000 acres of the Scottish Highlands.
Jesper Stubkier, a spokesman for Mr Holch Povlsen's wholesale fashion business Bestseller, previously confirmed the couple lost three children in the Easter Sunday attacks.
Nine bombers co-ordinated blasts targeting churches and hotels frequented by foreign tourists.
One suicide bomber reportedly educated in the UK was radicalised after leaving Britain, his sister said.
It is believed Islamic State was behind the April 21 attacks, which killed more than 250 people including 42 foreign nationals and the group has claimed responsibility.
In an update on investigations into the attack, Sri Lanka's President Maithripala Sirisena said: "There are another 25-30 suspects still at large, but there is no information yet to say these suspects are suicide bombers."
Scores of suspected Islamists have been arrested after the Easter attacks, which shattered the relative peace enjoyed by the multi-ethnic nation since a civil war ended a decade ago.
Sri Lanka's security forces were on high alert amid intelligence reports militants were likely to strike before the start of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, which is due to begin on Monday.

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