Pulse of Europe!

Pulse of Europe is a pro-European citizen's initiative, founded in Frankfurt, Germany, by the end of 2016.

It aims at "encouraging citizens of the European Union to speak out publicly in favour of a pan-European identity", according to Wikipedia. As Europe is facing democratic deficits, the imminent Brexit as well as the growing popularity of right-wing populist and nationalist political parties, the initiative aims at counteracting euro-scepticism.

Pulse of Europe refers to ten basic principles which guide their actions, including threat to peace, basic rights and rule of law, individual freedom, justice, reforms, diversity and joint qualities The initiative considers itself independent from any political party.

Demonstrations take place in various European cities on a weekly schedule, every Sunday at 2 pm. After organizers start the meetings with speeches, participants are given a two minute period to air their views. By last Sunday, 90 such meetings took place in cities across Europe, with each attended by thousands. (Our cameras captured the following pictures of one such meeting in front of Concert House, Berlin in Germany).

As Sri Lankans, we too, could take these as examples. Europeans can teach us a lesson on setting aside the differences and getting together for a common cause. It has become part of our life to blame our rulers for the promises left unfulfilled. Nothing is offered to us on a platter. Citizens should rally and struggle to win their demands. Therefore, such an initiative could be taken as an example for civilians to safeguard their democratic rights.


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