Mangala’s strong reply to president

Mangala’s strong reply to president

3 April 2018 07:13 am

The president met with a group of UNP ministers yesterday at President’s House to discuss the no-confidence motion against the PM. The future of the government too, came under discussion.

The meeting turned heated due to a remark made by the president, after UNP ministers told him that the motion could be defeated with the TNA’s support. The president then said, “Don’t catch TNA MPs and strike games”.

Before the PM answered that, minister Mangala Samaraweera responded, reminding the president about the history forgotten.

He said, “You are in this seat because of the games struck with the TNA. Most have forgotten that past, or have made to forget. You won because of the majority votes of the north east Tamil people. If not for the Tamil people and the TNA’s support, Mahinda Rajapaksa would still be the president. I cannot even think where you would be then.”

Samaraweera inquired, “Why is that the TNA that was good then, is bad now?”

The president replied, ‘No, no. I haven’t forgotten. The TNA did support. That and this are different,” but did not elaborate.