Businessmen fallen to the level of Samurdhi recipients

Businessmen fallen to the level of Samurdhi recipients

14 April 2018 07:08 am

Malik Samarawickrama was entrusted last thursday (12) temporarily with the social empowerment and welfare portfolio, that includes the Samurdhi subject. After hearing the news, a billionaire friendly with him and with the UNP telephoned and congratulated him. 

“Warm congratulations Mr. minister. Now, you can render an immense service to the country’s business community,” he said.

With a smile, Samarawickrama inquired from him as to how he could serve the business community with a ministry in charge of Samurdhi.

The businessman’s response was, “Mr. minister. Now, businessmen in Sri Lanka are in such a plight that they need to receive the Samurdhi benefit. Everybody thought businesses would prosper under your government. But, in the past three years, what happened was that businesses fell to the bottom. So, most businessmen are now qualified to receive the Samurdhi. If possible, grant them the Samurdhi to live.”

Rendered speechless for some time, Samarawickrama told him, “No. No. This is given to me temporarily only.”

“Even if it is temporary, at least do this. In all this time, you didn’t do anything,” the businessman said in conclusion.