Aney Killi, don’t be silly!

Aney Killi, don’t be silly!

23 April 2018 07:46 am

One person joined in more actively than the CID officials on the day Perpetual Treasuries owner Arjun Aloysius and CEO Kasun Palisena were arrested over the Central Bank bond matter. That person did everything from a nearby road, but could not evade our cameras.

First we thought him to be the senior DIG in charge of the CID. But, he was none other than Sirasa Media Network owner Killi Maharaja. The picture shows how he got involved.

Until the last moment of the no-confidence motion against PM Ranil Wickremesinghe, Killi tried to overthrow him from the position. He forgot media ethics and used his media network to expel Ranil from the premiership and the UNP leader position.

Now, he is trying to get close to the PM through the latter’s elder brother Shan Wickremesinghe. Killi is trying to enter Ranil’s camp. We are telling him not to do so, but to continue attacking Ranil and make sure that he will be the presidential candidate in 2020.

The greatest strength for Ranil’s politics was Killi’s merciless attacks against him as those attacks made him stronger as a leader. Even those who opposed him came to his aid in the end.

We pray him the strength, courage and long life to continue attacking Ranil.

In conclusion we tell him – “Aney Killi, don’t be silly. Continue your media work as usual.”

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