Yoshitha resorts to begging!

Yoshitha resorts to begging!

7 July 2016 05:51 am

The second son of the Mahinda Rajapaksa family, Yoshitha, who is daily reporting to the FCID these days over having bought 17 properties in Dehiwala to the name of Daisy Forrest, aka Punchi Achchi, is now up to a new game, say his friends.

When he meets people he knows, what he says is, “We do not have a place to live. About 1,000 to 2,000 people come to see Thathi every day. There is no space even to move in Thathi’s present place. Until we go back to Temple Trees very soon, we need to rent a place. The rent will be at least four or five lakhs. At least one year’s key money will have to be given. Help us. We will pay back with the interest.”

Everybody tells him to the face, “Yes, we will do it,” but then are careful not even to answer his telephone calls later.

His friends say in his absence, “Without hiding in Ukraine what was stolen when in power, shouldn’t he buy a house for Thathi?”

One of Mahinda’s younger sisters says a good story these days. “Our Aiya was ruined by those three lads. But, Aiya still does not believe what they had done. When we say something, we are told, “Pissuda? There is no problem.” Our Aiya can never be corrected. Still he is trying to clear his three lads. We look the other way because if we go to talk with him, we will lose our brotherhood.”