Maithri expels deceptionists!

Maithri expels deceptionists!

25 July 2016 07:13 am

During his recent private visit to London, president Maithripala Sirisena expelled three deceptionists, who had previously made a mockery out of his predecessor Mahinda Rajapaksa to result in his ouster, and are now trying to be close to the ‘Yahapaalanaya’ too, say sources in the British capital. They are President’s Media Unit’s (PMU) photographer Sudath Silva, Ajantha Ranasinghe and editor of ‘Deshaya’ Ranjith Ananda Jayasinhghe.

President Sirisena was in London with his family members to attend the university graduation of his second daughter. The trio had gone to the president and told him that they would cover the event well. The president responded, “This is a private visit. I will get it done the way I want. Do not be a nuisance, and go back to Sri Lanka.”

The trio had gone to participate in the ‘Festival of Cricket’, an annual London event being organized by past students associations in Sri Lanka. Only god knows the connection between this cricket tournament and the PMU. What Sudath does is deceiving people and getting free air ticket to go around the world.

During the period Mahinda was the president, he had gone to London at the expense of the president’s office to cover even the smallest of picket and protests. He also cheated out fools in Europe by getting them to appear for photographs with Mahinda. This time, the attempt by Sudath, Ajantha and Ranjith to deceive the president did not work.