How Ampitiye Sumana received a sound beating from policeman!
Information is coming to light about yet another ‘heroic’ by chief incumbent of Mangalarama Vihara in Batticaloa, Ampitiye Sumana. The then DIG in charge of Batticaloa in 2011 was a devoted Buddhist, and he used to pay visits to all temples in the district, offer alms and inquire into the welfare of the resident monks.
One day when he went to Mangalaramaya, Sumana asked him a favour, “DIG Mahattaya, give me a Sinhala Buddhist son.” Puzzled by the request, he asked, “What, Apey Hamuduruwane. Why are you asking me to give a son?”
“Give me a son from the police. I live amidst hundreds of Tamil villages. Send me a son from the police to guard me and my temple,” he appealed. Understanding that the temple and the Thera face a certain security risk even through the war was over, the DIG sent a PC on the next day for the temple’s protection.
Sumana generously gave denims, T-shirts, underwear, perfumes to the son of the police. He did the police duty very gladly.
Around midnight on a moonless day, Sumana had a Ganja smoke, went to where the policeman was sleeping and was about to do something naughty, when he woke up. Sumana, who tried to perform a sexual act, was pushed aside by the policeman, who then gave him a sound beating. Sumana fled the temple and went into hiding.
On the following Monday, the policeman went to the DIG’s office carrying along with him the service weapon and his travelling bag. The DIG apologized to the PC for having sent him to the temple without knowing the true man behind Sumana, and asked him to keep it a secret, in order to prevent any disrespect to Buddhism due to such acts by persons like Sumana. The policeman in question presently serves at a police station in the eastern province. 
That is why it is said that patriotism is the last bunker of the villain.
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