The minister who fears ‘Sellam Pistolaya’
Eraj Ravindra Fernando, notoriously known as the ‘toy pistol mayor’ (sellam pistola nagaradhipathi) is reportedly going to get together with a friend to start a filling station. The friend will invest money, while Eraj will use his political powers to obtain the required license.
Eraj met his schoolmate Chandima Weerakkody, the petroleum minister, and very easily obtained the petroleum license required. The next thing to be done was to obtain permission for the land where the filling station is to come up. For that, Eraj went to meet the subject minister.
“Ah, ‘Sellam pistolaya’, what brings you here?” the minister jokingly asked him for all his staff to hear.
“To get a small thing done, Mr. minister. Ah, by the way, Mr. minister, I saw you at our flat on several days. When I come out to speak to you, you just disappear.”
The minister got agitated by Eraj’s talk.
“W..Where? W..hich flat?”
“Why, Mr. minister, at St. Lawrance Road in Kollupitiya.”
“N…o, no…, I do not go there. I do not know that place. Why did you come to meet me? What do you want me to do?,” the minister took the conversation away from dangerous grounds.
Then, Eraj revealed what he wanted to get done, and the minister asked him to wait in the outside. Immediately thereafter, he summoned a policeman and said, “Do what that ‘Sellam Pistolaya’ wants done and send him away quickly. The minister may not know. But, CCTV cameras installed in the super apartment complex have recorded his entry and exit.
The minister might not know that whatever he could conceal, he could not cover up his height. Security officers at the apartment complex have identified him within a matter of days, although he has concealed his national dress, and replaced it with track bottom, T-shirt, trainers and baseball cap etc.
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