Facebook job for ex-president!
Ex-president, MP Mahinda Rajapaksa has found a new job. That job does not pay. It is a voluntary one. When he was the president, he always used to berate his three boys, “What the hell? All the time, you keep staring at and pressing on the mobile phone. If I ask something, you answer while staring at the mobile phone.” Ironically, senior Rajapaksa too, become one of them now.
He wakes up at 5.00 am, and until a cup of Kenda or coffee arrives, what he does in the living room is to go to facebook. When the Kenda arrives, he takes it with one hand and drinks without looking at it, while holding the mobile phone with the other. Then, he goes jogging with the phone in his track bottom. Every ten minutes, he stops and takes a look at facebook. He laughs to himself. Now, the PSD men too, are used to this.  They too, are mostly on the phone. After returning from the jogging and having the breakfast, madam Shiranthi arrives. The two, without a word, keep staring at their phones while gulping down what is served. A word or two may be exchanged, but that too, is about something on facebook.
The three boys are worried by this behaviour of their parents. Their questions are answered by the senior Rajapaksas while staring at their mobile phones. Recently, the boss told Namal, “I was ruined by facebook. Now, I have discovered how I could come out of this.” Namal did not reply, but madam Shiranthi said, “We will still be OK had you kept pressing on the phone, instead of squeezing on that charm ball.”
People who come to see Mahinda too, are in a dilemma due his facebook addiction. Even when something important is being discussed, what he does is to press on his mobile phone. If a call comes, he answers it and immediately cuts it off. He likes to be left alone. What Mahinda and Shiranthi do most of the time of the day are to sit on either end of the sofa and visit facebook. On January 01, when the three boys came and worshipped him, Mahinda said, “This i-phone is too small. Get me a better one with a bigger screen.” The trio looked at each other. “They ruined me through facebook. I too, will ruin them through facebook,” was what he said while starting work for the new year. This is not a joke, Mahinda is a man with a funny sort of talent. Very soon, a website edited by him can come into being. The man says that he will topple the government in 2017. Don’t take him for a joke. The animal is dangerous.
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