Crimes within police on the decline!

Under the incumbent IGP Pujith Senarath Bandara Jayasundara, the Sri Lanka police department is experiencing a steep decline in crimes committed within the institution, say employees of the department. As a result, the police are in danger of losing its crown as the most corrupt institution in Sri Lanka.

The reasons attributed for this is what IGP has introduced to the department. Every employee at police stations in the country should engage in meditation between 8.30 am and 8.45 am every day. Jayasundara has tasked ASP Prasanna Brahmanage, known in the department as ASP (Bhavana) with overseeing the meditation. He is helped by inspector Priyadarshana.

It can be seen at police stations from 8.30 am that from senior DIGs to lesser ranks, all officers put down the files in their desks and getting onto the desks, engage in meditation for 15 minutes. The IGP gets daily reports from Brahmanage about this meditation.

If any crime is committed between 8.30 am and 8.45 am, police can be informed only after 8.45 am, with the IGP assuming that no crime will happen during that period.

Also, road accidents have decreased due to the traffic police, on the IGP’s instructions, pinpointing accident-prone areas and chanting Seth Pirith at such locations. We wish that the police chief will get more such just ideas in the upcoming Sinhala Tamil New Year too.


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