IGP falls asleep during PM’s, minister’s speeches!

Senior and junior members of the police from across the country, including those from the Narcotics Bureau, participated in an anti-narcotics seminar at the BMICH in Colombo yesterday (27). It was chaired by the prime minster and also attended by law and order minister Sagala Ratnayake.

Arriving a bit late, just before the PM started his speech, IGP Pujith Jayasundara fell into a sleep that was made easier by the air-conditioned comfort and without the presence of the menacing mosquitoes.

The PM thought the police chief was listening to his speech intently with his eyes half-closed. Up next was the speech by the subject minister. Jayasundara remained in the same posture during that too.

Several times, Ratnayake stopped his speech and took a look at the IGP, and indicated with his eyes to other top officials how their chief was napping. Upset by that, several of them sent SMS messages to Inspector Prasanna Brahmana, the IGP’s personal security officer who was seated right behind him, asking him to wake the chief up. Getting no response from him, they took a look at him and saw that he too, was asleep. Minister Ratnayake observed that as well.

After the minister finished his speech, Jayasundara suddenly woke from his sleep and saluted him. But, the minister took no notice of him and left. A shamed police chief told his juniors “Had a little nap. Did the minister notice?” They replied, “We tried to get your PSO to wake you up. He was worse than you, sir.”

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