Namal’s thuggery at Sumane ends like this!

Former royal astrologer to the Rajapaksa family Sumanadasa Abeygunawardena has told several national newspapers and an international media that the next Rajapaksa member to take to politics would be a novice, who was already making certain experimentations. Seeing that, Namal Rajapaksa lost his temper and telephoned Sumanadasa.

Namal threatened and abused Sumanadasa in filth, saying, “Sumanayo, once you ruined us. Are you trying to ruin us again by encouraging Gota? Old man, I will destroy you.” Listening to the barrage for some time, Sumanadasa told him, “Namal Baby, do not say too much. I too, have something out of that file.” Namal hung up without saying another word.

On the following day, Sumanadasa telephoned Mahinda Rajapaksa. The latter, in his usual cunning self, said, “Sumane…How are you? Why don’t you come this way anymore? What has happened?”

“Leaving alone coming to see you, how can we look your way Mahinda Mahattayo, when Namal Baby talks to us this way?” he answered with a question, and related to him what has happened.

Mahinda told him, “Don’t take that seriously, Sumane… Don’t you know the ways of young lads? When they become angry they say whatever comes to mind.”

Sumanadasa advised him, “Mahinda Mahattayo, if you can, send him to another country. If he remains, he will not be able to do politics. At this rate, he will go to jail and even lose his civic rights.”

We do not need any astrology to repeat Sumanadasa’s advice to Mahinda. We have been saying that Namal will end his journey after losing his civic rights. 

We have some information about the file that made Namal shut up. That is about a serious crime that has been concealed by spending Rs. 20 million. Maithripala Sirisena and Mahinda Amaraweera too, are behind the cover up of this crime. Lanka News Web is continuing with its investigations. Once the information is verified, we will bring to you details of that serious crime.

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