Go back and see what happened - Maxwell De Silva's response to Mr: Rohan Fernando

Go back and see what happened - Maxwell De Silva's response to Mr: Rohan Fernando

20 January 2018 11:31 am

These days, it's a popular subject in the field of sports, the National Olympic Committee. The reason for the resumption of the NOC's official election is again. Almost all National Sports Associations are competing to represent the National Olympic Committee, one of the strongest sports in the country. It should also be mentioned that the victory of the headscarf is also a goal of the National Associations. Although the election is to be held in 2013, the Constitution of the NOC has been curtailed. The controversy in the country's sports law and the IOC's rules of law has not been resolved to date. However, the present Chairman of the NOC, Mr. Hemasiri Fernando, has said that the elections to the National Olympic Committee will be held by the end of this year, resolving the existing issues.

Accordingly, on November 9, a general meeting of the Olympic House has been called for discussions on issues that need to be resolved at this moment. Meanwhile, the Secretary General of the NOC has sent a letter to the Secretary General of the National Olympic Committee regarding the absence of the National Olympic Committee's accounts from 2012 to 2016. Questioning matters. In the meantime, they are requesting the NOC to draft the new constitution.

It was asked about the financial reports of the National Olympic Committee by the Chairman of the Finance Committee Rohan Fernando. Responding, Secretary of the National Olympic Committee, Mr. Maxwell de Silva, said there was no issue in the audit and was auditing in recent years and that there was no financial crisis in the NOC.

Rohan Fernando also responded to this and confirmed the ownership without any revision on the website. Secretary General of the NOC Mr. Maxwell de Silva emphasizes that Rohan Fernando's role in the National Olympic Committee's actions has been adversely affected.

Secretary General Maxwell de Silva says Rohan Fernando has no right to question the NOC's financial reports, since he is the Chairman of the Finance Committee. Mr. Silva points out that since he has been serving as the Chairman of the Finance Committee since June 2014, he has to know the financial statements in 2014, 2015, 2016. Mr .Maxwell de Silva first says that the Secretary General is not an accountant and that the responsibility of the finance committee should be borne by the Chairman and the Treasurer, and that interrogating him as if he did not know how to do it was an assault.

2102, 2013 audits have been carried out and anybody is being questioned by the Auditor General's Department, said the Secretary General. We have to audit accounts in the years 2014, 2015 and 2016, and we are already conducting audits in 2014 and 2015, "he said. In the meantime, Rohan Fernando has complained that the National Olympic Committee (NOC) in 2016 has been using money without any transparency. Responding, Maxwell de Silva emphasizes that the money has been utilized according to the proper procedure. He also said that Rohan Fernando has been informed about all financial matters. Rohan Fernando questioned as to what happened to the 40 millionth property of the Olympic Committee, and the secretary general said that the money is still in the account of People's Bank.

"Everybody knows about the NOC's affairs, and they can not say that they do not know anything.In order to work, we have to work hard at work, not taking responsibility for each other. We need to be able to do this now. We need to finish this audit work immediately and take the election Please."

When the crisis arises in the National Olympic Committee, the IOC is also questioning the National Olympic Committee as not resolving the constitutional issues. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has advised the change of the Sports Act, and it has not been completed today. Accordingly, Mr. Rohan Fernando questioned what is happening since 2009, from time to time, and he does not have the right to question such question, says Maxwell de Silva. Because Rohan Fernando was from the Olympic Committee during that time.

Maxwell de Silva highlights the need for a new constitution as the constitution did not endorse the International Olympic Committee. Accordingly, he rejects the allegation made by Rohan Fernando alleging that it did not reveal a constitution. He pointed out that they have directed them through e-mail. Mr. Maxwell de Silva says that the behavior of Rohan Fernando and several others is a cause for misrepresentation of the national unions. At the next general meeting of the National Olympic Committee on November 9, most of the issues in the Olympic Committee will be resolved, he said.

Ashika Brahmana