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Presidential Commission exonerated me – President is afraid of Rajitha and Champika

The Avant Garde Security Service, founded as a land security service and expanded into international oceanic security service, is a local company that came to international limelight as a security service. Accordingly, various conversations regarding the Avant Garde Service and its founder chairperson retired Army Major Nishshanka Senadhipathi had begun to surface.
In 2015, the company was acquired by the Navy pointing out that it was not a legal institution, along with the political turnover. Mr. Senadhipathi says that once this company, which was known to be fast growing within only two and half years, was acquired by the Navy, it was steered to being collapsed overnight.
He says that the Navy’s null knowledge on business and parasites of commission-based politics have caused the company to be fallen into such state. Within around two and half years, the Avant Garde Service had earned Eleven Billion Rupees, and Four Billion of them had been spent as income for the Government. Nevertheless, Mr. Nishshanka Senadhipathi points out that once the company was acquired by the Navy, the Government had lost around 170 Million Rupees overnight.
Meanwhile, a Presidential Commission was appointed in investigating the Avant Garde Company, and as of now, its recommendations have been released. According to the recommendations, the Avant Garde Company has had made a huge contribution in strengthening the national economy, and it was also revealed that a considerable amount of career opportunities have been distributed.
Accordingly, the commission has already given a confirmation accounting to the success of the operation of Nishshanka Senadhipathi.
How would that operation lead in future in a situation like this? A company which had been acquired by the Government accusing to be an illegal body has now proven to be otherwise by the recommendations of the Presidential Commission itself. Therefore, how different the position the company now is in than to that of the past? In regard to these concerns, we had a discussion with the founder of the Avant Garde Service retired Major Nishshanka Senadhipathi.
The Navy has no business knowledge
Why the major accusation of being an illegal body, when it was acquired by the Navy, has now turned out to be illogical is because the ships, which claimed to be illegal as well, were caught carrying weapons stored by the Government. Mr. Nishshanka Senadhipathi points out these facts rather interestingly.
“No Navies around the world are engaged in businesses. There is a principle of doing businesses. Similar how a religion or a government follows a set of principles, businesses have principles too. Distracting from these principles, neither Navy nor Government can do the work of the other. That is why there are organizations established in order to carry out the works. So, a business is inclined to a business community and a business organization. Therefore, they had to close it for the mistakes made by the Navy. However, since we had a bond with the United Nations, the company cannot be closed. So I had to confront that the company cannot be closed, and so on, around 2000 weapons were issued by the Government to keep in custody under my administration backup, in two ships. Then I told them that there is a system of protecting these weapons, that the two ships need to be placed in the ocean 4000 km from the country border, for which I was requested by the Government to submit a proposal. No other maritime company in the field opposed to it. Neither did they have energy for opposing my proposal. At the time Sri Lanka was the only country to maintain two floating storages of weapons.
The Navy assigned the two ships to Rathna Lanka company. Rathna Lanka was asked, as per my joint venture with the company, to maintain only the administration. The mistake the former Defence Secretary made in the scene was that he asked for 40% of the income from me. Usually in businesses only 20% of the profit is asked for such circumstances. So you can assume how funny requesting for a portion of 40% of the income is. So overnight I managed to increase profit from 3500 US Dollars in a company no profit has been made whatsoever since it has been acquired by the Navy. Accordingly, only within two and a half years we earned 11 Billion (11,500 Millions), from which I paid 4 Billion to the Government. We have documented evidence to prove it. And then the company was forcibly acquired by the Navy, claiming to be an illegal body, but in reality for the greed and hatred possessed by Patali Champika and Rajitha Senaratne for not getting extortion out of it, by snitching and double crossing the President and the Prime Minister, using their power.
I question, if it is not a legal body, then how come the Government orders the Navy to store weapons in a business company? How come an illegal business company is asked to distribute these weapons to customers in the following day? Is that legal at all? So apparently, according to their own clarification, they too have done illegal work. So in terms of legitimacy, they should be the first to go to jail. However, the Navy does not hold responsibility, because this was the work of a handful of officers; uneducated. One of them is Ravindra Wijegunawardena, the current Commander of the Triforces.
When the company was acquired from me, the foreigners influenced the decision, because as of then they were tending to selling out our country. They did not like the idea of me having the company. As a result, the profit of 3500 US Dollars was dropped into 2250-2000 US Dollars overnight; a 1500 decline. As of then we had done 800 operations. So the act caused a loss of 1.2 Million US Dollars overnight, 170 Million monthly. The officer responsible for this crime will have to go to jail one of these days. The loss is for us!”
The Navy can’t even deliver 25% of which I delivered
Mr. Senadhipathi points out that there were 800 operations under his authority, and as of now they have been decreased up to 300, and accordingly, the Navy is being unsuccessful at earning income, at least 25% of the previous income.
He points out that people are tending to commissioning in the business is what caused such circumstance.
“I would like to ask how many operations are being carried out today. From 800 operations carried out under me, now they are handling only around 300-325. They are unable to deliver at least 25% of which I delivered. If you summon me for an open debate, I with no hesitation come forward with documented evidence. So, when we earned profit, we did not put that in our own pockets. We paid for employment, for which around one thousand employees worked. Delivering the 3500 US Dollars per day, we went into other countries, had discussions with their governments, in order to prevent fortification, for which we had to spend Billions and hold documented evidence. We have all these information documented because, if money is being delivered through declaration of the Central Bank, it has to be documented properly. I have not delivered a single cent into this country illegally.
The foreign exchange can never be stolen. It has to be earned. Not knowing this simple theory, those simpleton politicians speak of it. The loss after us is 75%. If you do not believe me, come forward and I will prove that to you through documented evidence. I paid 4 Billion to the Government. They cannot even maintain the 3500 US Dollars I delivered during my time. It has been declined into 2250-2000 US Dollars. I question, for what reason a sum of 1500 US Dollars had disappeared overnight? It is for the benefit of the foreigners, whom I mentioned before, to put a portion of money into their pockets. Check the foreign accounts of those officers, like Wijegunawardena, that how much has been deposited. Then all will be revealed; the extortions paid for them. Check it now!”
The President is afraid of Rajitha and Champika
“This Government has a system of which neither has a moral value to what they have been doing. I don’t know why this Government is so afraid of Rajitha Senaratne and Champika. Even the President could’ve directly contacted me.”
I have nothing to tell, because the Presidential Commission has spilled out everything
However, as of now, the service the Avant Garde Company has contributed to the national economy has been appraised by the Presidential Investigation Commission.
Accordingly, he points out that what a Government should do is intervening to the process of protecting a company as such for its future success. Regardless of what circumstance occurs, the country should be protected for the sake of future generations and for himself as well, even if the politicians do not, pointed out by the founder of the Avant Garde Company. He further declared that he is giving his best for the good cause.
“In 2015, a Presidential Commission was appointed against us, for revealing the truth to the scenario in order to send us to jail. Very educated and reputed attorneys were appointed to handle the case. The case was carried out for around 6-8 months, and announced their recommendations, which now I will show you. The Avant Garde Maritime Company is.. (holding the documented copy to the camera) ..a reputed and skilled private company endorsed to the maritime security services of Sri Lanka, which heavily contributes to the national economy of the country distributing career opportunities, per demonstrations received by evidence. Check the document, this is on the page 245 of the Presidential Commission report, which I am showing you now.
And then, the same commission declares, accordingly, through agreement, as of December, 2014 the company with joint venture agreement has been re-established. Given the considerations to legal concerns, the Commission hereby declares to reconsider the company with joint venture agreement, without causing loss to either party, stated in page 248. If the Presidential Commission appointed against me itself agrees that I made contribution to the national economy, I question how many other companies are there who contributed to the national economy of the country? So what somebody who contributes to the national economy should be doing is serving his country, without being politically labelled, by strengthening that company, as a rich resource to the country. The Avant Garde Company belongs to the soldiers, not me. They were the ones who worked there. If somebody has paid a salary of 3.5 Million Rupees, without additional benefits, to an army officer in this country, it is only me. It was good investment to our country. Therefore, I say, even though these people do not need the country, I do!”
When any business should have the privilege of freedom to business, it is no strange news in a country like Sri Lanka that every business is being overlooked by the eye of politics. It is no wrongdoing to involve in the development of economy in a country without being interfered by politics. A Government in a country should have interfered only at a focal point as such, and not according to winning personal political agendas, sacrificing the national economy. However, what has been happening over and over again in this country is the same. What the case of Avant Garde has emphasized is the same tragedy.
Ashika Brakhmana / Nishantha Priyadarshana

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