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We are doing our best for our Olympic dreams come true : Suresh Subramanium

In the past few days, the most controversial topic of the sports field was the elections of the Olympic Committee. The Suresh – Maxi team won the heated election with much debate and accusations. Now all that is left, is to win an Olympic medal which is easier said than done. Molding that dream to a reality now falls upon the president and the secretary general of the National Olympic Committee, Suresh Subramanium and Maxwell De Silva

The Lanka News Web, as a responsible media unit conducted an interview with Mr. Suresh Subramanium and Mr. Maxwell De Silva to know the committee’s plans for the Olympics which is only 2 years away.

We need to find out where we went wrong and why we went wrong when we talk about the diminishing performances of our Olympic players. However, we have a young and a new committee who have expertise in many fields and we do our best perform as one unit. Maxwell De Silva and Hemasiri Fernando did their best in governing this body. Even though producing an Olympic winner in 2020 is a difficult task, we believe that a proper foundation should be laid for players and it should be continued, stated the newly elected president Mr. Suresh Subramanium.

The ministry of sports governs the federation, not the NOC. So the only link which the NOC has with ministry is the federation. So the funding and the development of the players should be done by the ministry whereas, the NOC is only answerable to the international Olympic committee. So we only get involved at the top level. However, the support of both the ministry and the NOC is essential to the players, said the President. 

Our main focus right now is the Commonwealth games starting on the 2nd of April and the Asian games starting on September. The teams have been already selected for the commonwealth games and we will evaluate their performances when we select the squads for the Asian games.  I haven’t given much attention to that side yet, but I am confident Mr. Maxwell De Silva will oversee the proceedings swiftly, mentioned Mr. Suresh Subramanium.


The recently concluded elections marked a new chapter to the NOC. A very able and young committee was elected with myself and Mr. Joeseph being the only veterans. The public have been deceived by the media and we are planning to set things right by creating transparent progress reports.  

The sports act must be amended soon. Some of the federations are taking undue advantage of this act and it should be stopped. There are some other amendments to be made as well and we are discussing about those amendments at the moment, stated the Secretary General.

When talking about the media personnel, Mr. Maxwell De Silva pointed out that the media was biased during the NOC elections. Although social media was a great platform to encourage and motivate the players, the mass media corporations should take more responsibility and aid the players in their fields. 

-- Feron Jayawardene

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