Those who want to go..They can go - Ravi Karunanayake

You are holding a powerful minister post, Although. There are many charges against you? Some have suggested to the prime minister that to remove you from the post of finance minister. 


What’s happening?
We will start the conversations right there....

I don't know who has said that,,, whoever they feel jealous, They don't have the backbone too, I am trying to protect the country from corruptions and to bring the message and policies, principles of the president and prime ministers to the people. To uplift the economy of the country... we can't change our propaganda... This is a collective responsibility of the cabinet. we can't allow for the many agendas. we can't find solutions for useless things ...

Although none of them are over ... problems among the two parties and those criticisms.

No. There is no such problem . some group of outsiders is there to create such problems. they create many dilemmas in between president Mithreepala Sirisena And Priminister Ranil Wickramasinghe... Those are planes of Mahinda Rajapakshe.

Parties were criticized each other at mass media...

I think such critics should come out from those who came out with Mithreepala sirisena to defeat Rajapakshe. We have got over 107. Though we had loose 113 we would act in the form of national government. instead of such criticisms, we should make this economy clear. except for mahinda Rajapakse's team, others are with us ...even JVP though they have a different ideology they are willing to help us to abolish this executive mechanism... so when stability is there.... losers get advantages when there are certain problems

But The bond issue controversy has been a boomerang on the UNP... why this happened?

As I thnk ..Mahinda Rajapakshe, Niwad Cabral ....They are responsible persons in this case.. here I bring the statement of the Auditor General ... as he said the loss is ... around 1500million.. There should be an explanation for that how this has happened.. we accept that what he said but our argument is.. what happened since 2005 to 2015, we want to clarify that how much is the loss in that period too. Niwad Cabral knows that what they did .. so they are trying to create problems.

There is no any discussion for the period of 2005 - 2015 ... but there are problems with this bond issue. According to the COPE report, there is a Fraud. It was a big controversy all over the country ... Has the government a responsibility to Reveal the truth?
Here mass media has a responsible to ... they only brought that to the people in a different way. Here mass media has a responsible to ... they only brought that to the people in a different way .. it is not my scop. If will talk more about this ... They will ask such questions like that why I am protecting someone? .for what?
For Hedging issue, we have already paid 7600million. 635 million for Green Bond, also Sri Lankan Airlines, 145 billion for that. There should be a reason to go to the court. We have to reveal these matters. this is the first time that a government inspects the government by itself.

Are there any issues in the report of the auditor General. .It seems like that?

Even the auditor general is an accountant like me we are using the theoretical strategies to explain these things. His report itself states that he doesn't have a capability for that. even I say the same thing ... so there is no maturity.. that is the problem
Is that mean ... there is no any issue?

This is a created issue. An investigation is there. will see, how we can trust those statements,

On the other hand, an issue regarding Arjuna Mahendran...some time says He s holding a position in government sometimes says, he is not. so a controversy is there? ...

Mr. Malik Samarawickrama has stated clearly regarding Mr. Arjuna Mahendran, There are so many gossips here and there. Is Wimal Weerawansha expel from the Parliament though he is in jail.? No..
until he will be convicted he is an innocent man. He is not reappointed .. so what is the problem here. President, as well as the prim minister, do their best regarding this issue. What about Ajith Niwad Cabral...? for everything they criticize the Government.

This is your Government So ..You could find yourself about Cabral .. Even this government has created some departments for investigations?

There is an idiom.. donkey doesn't do dogs duty ... So Let them do it the court work on their responsibility and the police work on their responsibility even FCID... we have to wait for the results ... there are no ''white vans, .. that's why these problems.

At this moment, There is a discussion about a cabinet crisis. The cabinet decision differs than what people knows. whatever should happen on the inside of the cabinet has been discussed at the outside .. We can see this at the press conference which is for declaring the cabinet decision. Even the President has involved in unnecessary issues.
Really I don't want to answer that question, we have to protect the cooperation .. but I can say like that even n the parliament we can see such members act as reporters, some are creating the problems

I'm not satisfied with your answer. The lottery issue directly related to you. The new price is 30 Rupees decided at the cabinet only. this price increase has created a big conversation all over the country. finely now price is 20 rupees here you announce again regarding a new ticket for 4o rupees. so where is the cooperation in the cabinet?
This was in the budget ... and it passed.It was a request of the president. to reduce the price,

But you were criticized.
If we work we should expect those.
the journey won't be a successful without such obstacles,

Both the sides are blaming each other. talking about the policies to tolerate whatever they have done ... finally, the promises of yahapalana government have simply vanished.

No! it's not like that .. This cooperative journey which started by the prime minister will continue ..anyone who didn't support bring this new president, can't be an obstacle. We involved direct and we created this government by appointing a president even from another party... Mithreepala Sirisena is the President of the country and He is not the president for a party... someone wants to be on both the sides..they are only creating this issues ...I think all these issues has been created by according to what Mahinda Rajapakse wants. Anyway, we are on a democratic path.

Some speeches of the presidents are controversial.. sometimes?

The president knows that who are around him . Also, he knows how this government has been created. He wants to continue this government.

The government has agreed to 58 conditions when we get the GSP + concessions... There is an allegation regarding that these conditions can disrupt the Sri Lankans Unity. Can you explain this?
That time Mahinda Rajapakshe, Gotabhaya Rajapakshe, Basil Rajapakshe , Ajith Niwad Cabral Said that there is nothing to do with GSP+, They lost it .we are getting 200 Billion as an income. so what is wrong? They don't want us to get this back. they lend loans for them but we are lending loans for the developments. That is the different

When we talk about the constitutions ... there is an issue regarding the executive presidency. SLFP and UNP having different ideas whether executive presidency will be abolished or not?
The president and the Prime minister both of them are in the same stance. That won't change

That meant this executive presidential system will abolish?
Yes ! definitely .. It was our promise to abolish the executive system, Chandrika, Mahinda they also promised to do that but they didn't but we won't do the same thing like they did.. President Mithreepala sririsena keeps his promises. The people who were not with the president they are creating such problems.

Ashika Brahmana

Photo: Nishantha Priyadarshana

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