Sinhala Buddhist concept itself is erroneous, We will go ahead for a referendum. No doubts about the Parliament’s two thirds majority - Rajitha Senarathne
Sri Lankans are now facing a critical point in their political decision. It is the time to watch for the next move. Many things happened in the Political sphere of the country and more speculated. The future will be decided on the actions of the past and the present. Therefore it is of utmost importance that we, Sri Lankans reach the perfect decision and implement at the tight time. Yet, is the political arena ready for this? Is the political sphere taking a genuine effort to prepare the public to take this critical decision? Or does it mean that the change that happened in this country on January 08, 2015 is yet another spectacle?
In such a back drop, it is becoming evident that Minister Rajitha Senarathne is becoming popular with his current political image being a key player in changing the Sri Lankan political culture, defeating the Rajapaksa regime and carrying the coalition Government to power. There will be vastly different opinion on this yet Minister Senarathne has been able to build up a ‘specific characteristic’ around his image. His oratory skills have definitely had positive and negative effects subjected to public view.
Lanka News Web interviewed Minister Senarathne in reference to his contribution to the current political change. Following are the excerpts of the interview.
During the recent May Day rallies, meeting up with peers from the North was a highlighted as a political strategy. Certain factions may find the attempt dubious considering the many chances available to strengthen the vote base in southern parts. The attempt was deceived Northerners and Southerners both. Did Minister Senaratne attempt a political strategy on that day by posing progressive?   
Was there a genuine discussion in the Sri Lankan political sphere on these joint efforts? Despite the strong logics articulated to ensure rights of the people, has it been really happening at the ground level?
“We must first complete the task given.”
One cannot ignore the fact that some in the community will feel deceived when rights get established for the people of the North. It might be seen as a reversal to the victory over terrorism. We cannot ignore such a feeling of a person who had firsthand experience in tragedies of terrorism. It is more of sadness of missing their loved ones rather a notion with a political motive. On the other hand it is back stabbing war heroes.
We should not encourage any type of racism or extremism
A fair amount of support was there from the people of the South to the Northern struggle
Race and religion has clouded the thoughts of this nation. The Minister points out that patriotism inculcated in people through ideologies of race and religion only leads to extremism. He stressed that many are unable to differentiate religion, race and a philosophy. He added that many in the society seem to be missing the real ideology behind Buddhism. 
Federalism, to many Sri Lankans means dividing the country. Sending the country back to terrorists. On one side, people fight to decentralize power and on the otherside another faction is rising against it.
According to Minister Senaratne federalism will support the development of a country.
The Sinhala Buddhist concept itself is erroneous
We will head on for a referendum. Two thirds majority in the Parliament is assured.
Many have named me Mohammad
If one insists that Federalism can divide the country, it would be like believing in nescience despite the availability of science knowledge.
Spreading ignorance instead of knowledge
Rajapaksa’s created this turmoil
The tough discussion to catch the culprits of corruption initiated even before the fall of the Rajapaksa regime. Yet, as of today 32 files of mega corruption cases are being held up at the Department of the Attorney General. This not binding to the duties promised by the Coalition Government but definitely ignoring them. will there be more political deals rising using this situation?
It is important to accurately express ones view
White van concept is a talk of political fools
The speculations over the re-entry of Sarath Fonseka, stating that he will be brought in to eliminate Trade Unions, created turmoil. Even one of the Cabinet press briefings turned in to a heated argument. Cabinet Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe, at a press briefing said, raising a counter argument over Minister Senaratne of the same GOvenrment, that statements over the re-entry of Sarath Fonseka are wrong. To some others it was a joke the President made.
However, Minister Senaratne still stands up for his statement.
This is definitely a violation of democracy and some argue that this is an reoccurrence of the white van abduction culture emerging from a different path.
Nishantha Priyadarshana / Ashika Brahmana
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