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These days, it's a popular subject in the field of sports, the National Olympic Committee. The reason for the resumption of the NOC's official election is again. Almost all National Sports Associations are competing to represent the National Olympic Committee, one of the strongest sports in the country. It should also be mentioned that the victory of the headscarf is also a goal of the National Associations. Although the election is to be held in 2013, the Constitution of the NOC has been curtailed. The controversy in the country's sports law and the IOC's rules of law has not been resolved to date. However, the present Chairman of the NOC, Mr. Hemasiri Fernando, has said that the elections to the National Olympic Committee will be held by the end of this year, resolving the existing issues.

Though the Right to Information spells power, the RTI Act has been viewed with much cynicism and suspicion. Thus it was struggling since 2003 and even before to make its entrance notes Kishali Pinto-Jayawardena. She, speaking to Sunday Island of the trials and triumphs of bringing RTI Act into Sri Lanka, is a senior lawyer and helped draft both the 2004 Freedom of Information Bill and the 2016 RTI Act. After years of struggling to let the RTI see the light of the day, she is currently serving on Sri Lanka’s RTI Commission as the nominee of the Editors Guild of Sri Lanka, the Newspaper Publishers Society and the Sri Lanka Press Institute, with its affiliates.

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