A Task force for the development of North and East

The President Maithripala Sirisena  has appointed  a task force of 48 to coordinate and monitor development activities in the 
Northern and Eastern Provinces.The task force, chaired by the President. It  will review the development projects so far launched in the Northern and Eastern Provinces since the end of the conflict and accelerate the development process.
The President has decided to expedite development activities in the North and East after the end of the war.
The Prime Minister also include as a member in  the Task Force. There are  15 cabinet ministers, two governors of the two provinces, two provincial chief ministers, several secretaries of several ministries and Commanders of the three forces.
This task force will look into the progress of ongoing development projects in the Northern and Eastern Provinces. This new program is being implemented targeting sectors  and personal groups by priority. The private sector can contribute to invest in these development projects and may be  bilateral and multilateral.
The central government and local authorities jointly implement these projects and this  task force is also seeking assistance from civil society organizations including NGOs. 

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