‘Think of this before hanging the ‘77 generation’ – FLSP - Lanka News Web (LNW)

‘Think of this before hanging the ‘77 generation’ – FLSP

By implementing the death penalty to eradicate crimes, people’s democratic rights will be violated, FLSP Propaganda Secretary Duminda Nagamuwa said.

Attending a press conference held today (11) in Colombo, he said this.

He added, “Certain parties’ demands for the death penalty will only allow the rulers to extort people’s democratic rights”.

 Mr.Nagamuwa further stated that the criminal society we have today was created by the 1977 economic reform and we should look back before sentencing them to death.

 “We stress that this punishment will be implemented the way the rulers want. It is the rulers who continue this socio - economic system that creates criminals. Rulers have implemented the death penalty in various ways. We know that they hunted their political rivals. The difference is, they now have obtained approval to lawfully murder. Until now, Sri Lankan rulers took various steps pertaining to human rights. According to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), a government holds the power to implement the death penalty. According to the covenant, however, a person’s right to life must be assured in order to sentence someone to death. Our Constitution consists of various rights such as the freedom of thought, freedom of belief and freedom of speech. But the right to live as a citizen of this country is a fundamental right. Before implementing the death penalty, the right to life must be included in the Constitution.”

 Accordingly, he stressed that the right to life must be constitutionalized prior to implementing the death penalty.


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