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Ethnic and religious reconciliation builds country!

Speaker Karu Jayasuriya stated that a special parliamentary working committee on ethnic and religious reconciliation will be appointed with the unanimous agreement of all party leaders.


 He further said that this working committee will be legally empowered, and persons of all ethnicities and religions will be represented in the committee.

 He made this statement at the first regional conference of the parliamentary committee on ethnic and religious coexistence held in Kandy.

 He further said:

 “Through this conference, we can forget the unpleasant incidents that took place in March this year in Kandy. It is our hope to give the future generations a developed, peaceful country.

 Our theme is to achieve sustainability through ethnic and religious reconciliation. People are severely affected by violation of fundamental rights, and it is a barrier to reconciliation. Fundamental rights must be protected in order to protect reconciliation. We must seriously think about this.

 We have to protect what the nature has given us. We should protect facilities such as education, health, electricity and transportation.

 More tragic incidents happen in Sri Lanka than other countries in the world.”


 Vice-chancellor of University of Peradeniya Prof. Upul B. Dissanayake stressed that categorizing schools as Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim schools must be immediately stopped. He pointed out that if we continue to plant the seeds of racism in children, promoting the concept of reconciliation would be difficult.

 Minister Ranjith Madduma Bandara stated that the law has been implemented regardless of ethnicities and religions. The Minister requested Tamil politicians to allow the recruitments of Tamil police officers.


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