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Kiriella saves government for second time !

Leader of House Lakshman Kiriella has been able to save the government once again yesterday (7) by preventing another national bill of the Yahapalana government from being defeated.
A vote had been scheduled to be held yesterday evening to pass the bill of Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters. Before the commencement of the vote, Leader of House Lakshman Kiriella had noticed that the government did not have the majority in the parliament at that moment whereas the opposition, including the Joint Opposition, did.
Lakshman Kiriella has prevented the debate from being postponed before 6.30 pm, and the vote has also been postponed. A considerable number of UNP MPs were not present in the parliament although they had been notified about the vote, which had been scheduled for yesterday.
However, Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe, at the parliament team meeting held last Monday (6), had asked all MPs to be present in the parliament the entire day since several important debates had been scheduled to take place.
Previously, Lakshman Kiriella acted promptly and saved a finance bill proposed under the 100 Days Program of the Yahapalana government, with the help of the Tamil National Alliance, when it was about to be defeated due to not having the majority.

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