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Alleging government punished Gnanasara Thero contempt of court!

Certain individuals state that Buddhist monks must launch protests and boycott state ceremonies against sentencing General Secretary of Bodu Bala Sena Gnanasara Thero to six years in prison. By doing so, they are attempting to suggest that the government have given this punishment.

Statements made by certain monks yesterday imply that the government has started a witch-hunt targeting monks, and is harassing Buddhist monks who fight for religion and nation. They stressed that the government has imprisoned Gnanasara Thero, who spoke on behalf of war heroes to hearten them.

The complainant of this lawsuit is a magistrate; he had complained against obstructing the court and contempt of court. Usually, honking in front of a court is also contempt of court; entering a court dressed in inappropriate clothes is also contempt of court; obstructing the procedures of the court is also contempt of court; speaking loudly is also contempt of court. The court punishes people who have been found guilty of such minor offences as well.

But Gnanasara Thero, behaved in a very unruly manner within the premises of the Homagama Magistrate Court, in the name of civil power he had been given by Buddhist extremists. If a civilian had done the same, he would have been apprehended immediately and would be in a prison by now.

However, Sinhala-Buddhist extremists must be happy about the fact that Gnanasara Thero was able to live in the civil society more 2 1/2 years with the support of civil power and Sinhala-Buddhist extremism.

Those who protest against Ganansara Thero’s sentence and point fingers at the government stayed idle as if nothing happened back then when ‘Rajapaksa’s law’ became the country’s law. When they imprisoned Sarath Fonseka without caring about the law or court, when they sent Chief Justice Shirani Bandarnayake home because she did not agree to deliver rulings as required by Rajapaksa administration, they stayed idle with closed eyes and ears. They now have become so brave that they even refuse court’s decisions.

Those who suggest to boycott state ceremonies and encourage monks to launch protests are also guilty of contempt of court since by doing so, they are implying that they do not accept the verdict. A verdict given by an independent court cannot be criticized, and the only thing they must do is appealing against it. Protesting against the court’s verdict is inappropriate for a civilized society and is a contempt.


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