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Rs 650,000 per councilor’s chair at WPC

JVP MP Lakshman Nipunarachchi has written to the governor complaining that the Western Provincial Council (WPC) is planning to spend Rs 650,000 per chair at the new provincial council building at Densil Kobbekaduwa Road.

He has mentioned in his letter that the order has already been placed to import chairs for 104 councilors of the WPC.

Even though bringing all divisions of the provincial council to a one place is a progressive step, spending such a massive amount for a councilor’s chair is unacceptable, he said in his letter.

He had further requested the governor to investigate who granted approval to purchase expensive goods like this, and revoke that decision immediately.

“Construction work of the new building has been completed, but operations have not been commenced yet. Some people are attempting to make money off of it. We do not know who approves these kinds of expenses,” the councilor said.

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