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Do Not Use State Media for Mudslinging - No Drinking, Price No Problem - Mahinda’s Hilarity

The State Media in Sri Lanka always acted in favour of the existing Government; one hand has no issue with that.

The State Media should stand for the existing Government thus should devote promotion on Government Affairs. Otherwise, there is no point in running the State Media spending millions of Rupees.

Couple of years back, the State Media was handled, reaching beyond the protection for the Government, not only in favour, but in slander against those who opposed the Government as well. In gospel, the State Media back then was used not in favour of the Government, but that of the Rajapakshe Family. For the benefit of the Rajapakshe Family, the Chief Officers in State Media offered rather a drastic and slavered loyalty, and to attack those who opposed the Rajapakshes they juvenilely sowed false information and had them broadcasted on the mainstreams. Moreover, the resources of the State Media Institutions were even used for the various needs and wants of the Rajapakshe Sons.

Sarcasm is that the Rajapakshes, since three years of their downfall, seem to have forgotten about the arbitrary they had followed, and apprise monkey wisdom that the State Media should be handled neutrally.

Attending into a function held in ’Ape Gama’ premises at Battaramulla yesterday, the Former President Member of Parliament Mahinda Rajapakshe said that the State Media, maintained by the Public Retainment, should not be used for slinging mud at people. This is said by the State leader who had used all the State Media according to a slanderous propaganda to attack his opponents, and swamped the value of State Media.

Today, the State Media should not be used for mudslinging is said by the State Leader who had obstructed the opportunity to present opinion for the opposition parties at Mainstream Newscasts, and had slung piles of mud at the opposition parties even via news broadcasts.

At this moment, when journalists questioned him regarding the price increase of alcohol, Mr. Rajapakshe replied that it is not a problem for him because he does not consume liquor. The journalist raises a question that affects the country. As a people’s representative, his answer shall be contained with opinion on behalf of the people of the country, not on behalf of how he feels about it.

Whether Mr. Rajapakshe consumes liquor or not is not a stance our people should be specifically told about. Nevertheless, if the alcohol prices are increased, then it is a problem for the people. A people’s representative should answer standing from the people’s side.

Mahinda Rajapakshe finds no problem if the liquor prices reached high. But are we to understand that neither of the problems that can affect the people in this country is of relevance to Mahinda clan? Vehicles prices reached high, and are not relevant to them. The Mahinda Rajapakshe clan has vehicles beyond measure. The prices of essential food items reached high, again not relevant to the Rajapakshes. Because irrelevant on how sky-high the cost of goods reach, they have enough money for their livelihood. Train strikes, bust strikes; again irrelevant, for they will never use buses or trains for transportation.

Assuming, this can be why Mahinda Rajapakshe, being a Member of Parliament, does not attend into any parliamentary debate. Because debates entrusting the decisions that matter to the country’s problems are not of relevance to the Rajapakshes. Therefore, his mouth even if his presence exists at the Parliament is never opened for debating.

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